February 2015

Setting Goals for March

  After much reading and soul-searching, I started 2015 with a list of goals. Hopefully you took a few minutes to write down your goals for 2015.  Research reveals that about 36% of goal-setters will abandon their goals by Jan 31.  In an effort to encourage us along, I thought I would stop in from time-to-time and let you know how I am doing on my goals. Life can get in the way of [Read more...]

The GRACE Behind the MATH

The GRACE Behind the MATH is part of an ongoing series, Mrs Disciple 101. The walk of the disciple includes regular stops at the alter of God. There, we lay our sacrifices of our money, attention, time, and honor, or M.A.T.H. (read about that here). Giving to God is not an issue decided in our checkbooks; it is decided in our heart. Why We Give It is not enough to give. The wealthy brought [Read more...]

The MATH of Giving

The MATH of Giving is part of the series, Mrs Disciple 101. Is there a touchier subject than giving in the evangelical church? Images of sweaty t.v. preachers wearing olive green aviator eye glasses giving a plea for more money have forever marred the beautiful exchange between believer and Savior. In our pursuit of discipleship, however, the practice of giving cannot be avoided. What We Give [Read more...]

The Importance of Sunday Dinner

Her mouth drew tight as she eased back into her wheelchair. The blue vinyl creaked a little, just like her brittle bones as she transitioned back into sitting. Her face relaxed and she continued her stories about her husband. Gone for a few decades, yet, by the glint in her eye, it seemed as if he could be waiting for her in her hospital room. I hear a lot of stories about days gone by when I [Read more...]

Finding Grace in the Lunchroom

I wasn’t a great human yesterday. I woke on the wrong side of the bed. Or in the wrong sleep cycle. Or possessed. I was snippy with my husband, short-tempered with my children, and just flat-out surly. The baby cried as those precious little white pearls tried to push through his tender gums. I talked to him through clenched teeth. SK had a new haircut to debut at school; she asked for [Read more...]

How The Fringe Hours Changed My Life

This book releases today. You can win your very own copy! Find details below… I had the privilege to serve on the book launch team for Jessica Turner’s book, The Fringe Hours.  The subtitle is “Making Time for You.”  Before I even opened it, I had this idea that I might not gain much from reading it.  I did not see the need–much less have the time–for me to [Read more...]

That Time When I Fell In Love

There is great value in your love story. In the rush of life, it is easy to forget why you wanted to marry that man snoring sleeping beside you every night. Because it is the month of love and because I need this, I am remembering my love story today. On a hot Alabama July Sunday morning, with the sun broken by the stained glass, I made the decision to take my focus off the pursuit of [Read more...]

The How-To’s of Scripture Memory

Memorizing scripture can be intimidating. It’s a big book. Where do you start? How do you fit it into your already busy brain? I collected a few resources for us to review. Pick a system that works for you. Be open to change methods if it is not working for you. In the end, it’s not about how you do it, but that you do it. My favorite resource and encouragement has been this series on [Read more...]

Mrs Disciple 101: Scripture Memory

The first time I heard “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” is when Patrick Swayze rescued Baby from the corner. Every time I hear Bill Medley’s smooth voice, I see Johnny looking into Baby’s eyes lip syncing, “I’ve had the time of my life. No, I’ve never felt this way before…” I know every word to the song and every move to the last dance of [Read more...]

The Shulammite Woman

The Shulammite Woman is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife. The Song of Songs is a saucy book of the Bible.  It contains the romantic, intimate exchange between King Solomon and his beloved Shulammite woman.  Through their flirting, love making, and pillow talk, we can explore ways to honor God through our sexuality within marriage. This is a topic we don’t visit often on [Read more...]