March 2015

The Fringe Hours FREE Online Book Study

I had the honor of serving on the launch team for Jessica Turner’s new book, The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You. I shared with you last month how very revolutionary this book was in my life. It shook the foundations of guilt that I constructed through most of my adult life that busy = godly. I was released to enjoy down time, whether that is 5 minutes between the laundry and dishes or [Read more...]

Goal Update: Stay the Course in April

After much reading and soul-searching, I started 2015 with a list of goals. Research reveals that about 36% of goal-setters will abandon their goals by Jan 31. We are a quarter of the way through the year and I am tempted to lose focus and settle in to my old habits. In an effort to encourage us along and keep me accountable, I continue the updates of how I am doing with my goals. At the [Read more...]

Rahab, Wife With a Past

Rahab, Wife With a Past is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife. I love a good heroine. I gobble up books with strong female leads. I also love stories of redemption, second chances, and true love. In the book of Joshua, we get all of that in the story of Rahab, the wife with a past. We meet Rahab in Joshua 2 as the children of Israel position themselves to take the Promised Land. [Read more...]

Your Will Be Done

We are walking the way of the cross in the coming days. Resurrection is coming and we will sing and smile and lift a hand in triumph on Easter Sunday. There are painful stops along the way that, if ignored, cause us to miss the purpose of the cross. We can celebrate death’s defeat but miss the redemption. After the Last Supper, Jesus took His best friends, His disciples, to pray. They stop [Read more...]

Esther, the Praying Wife

Esther, the Praying Wife is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife As a young bride, it was a surprising thing to learn that I was not my husband’s Holy Spirit. I considered myself his burning bush, his Jeremiah, his high priest. Wrong on so many levels, I know. It has been a hard lesson to learn, but praying for him is the best way for me to see God move in his life. Esther is [Read more...]

Missions: Go or Give?

While blogging is new for me, writing is not. In 2011, I took my first mission trip.  I traveled with a group to Aflao, Ghana to teach pastors’ wives at a conference and do some medical missions. I have thoughts from that summer that I carry with me still. I wrote the following right before our church began a missions initiative. It tackles the question, “do I go or give?” [Read more...]

Walk Your Own Path

My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent. If they say, “Come with us, let us lie in wait for blood; let us ambush the innocent without reason… throw in your lot among us…” My son, do not walk in the way with them; hold back your foot from their paths, for their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed blood. Selections from Proverbs 1:10-16 I remember lying in [Read more...]

The Blessing of Crumbs on the Floor

When I was a brand new mom full of ideas and judgments, a friend had me over for coffee and conversation. A plate sat on the table with toddler leftovers. Crumbs were on the floor. A few dishes sat in the sink. I remember wondering why she didn’t sweep before I came over. And instantly feeling comforted that she had mess at her house like I had at mine. That was over a decade ago, but [Read more...]

Walking Eating Talking Shining

  I am no authority on evangelism. Like prayer, I feel inept trying to write about it. I pooled some quotes and resources to help us all answer Jesus’ call to go make disciples. I totally relate with David Platt when he says, “My mind tends to wander toward grandiose dreams and intricate strategies¹”. I remember knocking on doors every Thursday night with a team of [Read more...]

Go Make Disciples

Go Make Disciples is part of an ongoing series, Mrs Disciple 101. Jesus’ last moments with His disciples established the path for the rest of their lives. Following Jesus was, in itself, life changing. These men left jobs, families, and broke tradition to learn from this carpenter-Rabbi.  Their thinking changed from “you are a prophet” to “You are the Christ” (Mark [Read more...]