March 2015

The Excellent Wife of Proverbs 31

The Excellent Wife of Proverbs 31 is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife. While on the campaign trail, George Bush and his wife, Barbara, stopped at a gas station to refuel. The First Lady recognized the gas station attendant as an old beau and stepped out to speak to him. When she returned to the limo President Bush remarked, “If you had married him, you would be the wife [Read more...]

Building Community

Building Community is part of an ongoing series, Mrs. Disciple 101. The disciples formed the original small group. They walked with Jesus, learning His ways and His words. They ate together, ministered together, and supported one another through thick and thin. They argued about who was greatest, fished from the same boat, and hid in the upper room together after Jesus’ death. All the [Read more...]

The Text Every Woman Wants to Get

It was a small thing, really. Two text messages in succession on a Saturday morning. It made me pause and wipe my eye before the hastily applied eye make-up made a B line for my cheek. They were two little gold iNuggets hiding in the silt of life gleaming with the brightness of friendship. I received two requests to “save me a seat” that morning. We mamas were trying desperately to [Read more...]