July 2015

The Price of Friendship

The price of friendship is the total surrender of yourself; no lesser kindness, no ordinary attentions and offerings will buy it. Henry David Thoreau When my daughter was in 1st grade, she would come home and declare she had a new best friend about once a month. I would ask for the details and she would report, “I met her today and now we are best friends.” If only it were that easy. [Read more...]

A Prayer for Broken Passion

I have been thinking about passion the last few days. I meet so many passionate people as I make my way through the Old Testament. Hannah spilled her passion on the floor of the temple in the form of tears as she prays for a little one. David danced passionately down the streets of Jerusalem as he brought the Ark of the Covenant home. Naked, no less. Hosea had a passion for Gomer because God [Read more...]

Bathsheba, The Influential Wife

One day last week, I had one thing left on my to-do list: go to Sam’s. My husband had one thing on his to-do list: go to the gym. In an effort to spend more time together as a family, we decided to complete our to-do list together. Well, you can guess how the story ends. We stayed at the gym longer than planned. By the time we got in the car, Sam’s had closed and my to-do list was [Read more...]

Are You Halfway To Where You Want To Be?

The start of July marks the halfway point of the calendar year. Are you halfway to where you want to be? We often start out the year with a list of goals or resolution. After a few weeks, many are forgotten. Give it a few months and old habits are back in their comfortable spot. Are you okay with ending 2015 the same place you started? In her online course, Make Over Your Mornings, Crystal [Read more...]