August 2015

How Right Living Was My Brokenness

I believed in Jesus and redemption before I could spell it. “Jesus loves me, this I know.”  “I once was lost, but now I’m found.” At 8-years-old, lost doesn’t mean much. Because I am a rule-follower made righteous in Christ, I never felt lost or broken, until a broken home during my high school years fractured me and birthed unrest. The rules didn’t work. The law didn’t lead me [Read more...]

Five Smiles

In the rock and roll of a mama’s day, it is easy to forget to smile. From crying babies in the night to mouthy tweens in the afternoon, mothering is rough and tough. Because I knew this space waited for me to write about smiling this week, I paid attention to things that made me smile. I have an observation about a mama’s smile: It’s not that I forget to smile; I forget that I [Read more...]

Dear Young Wife

Today’s Letter to Me is from writer and blogger, Angie Dailey. She writes about real life with honesty and introspection at Metamorphosis. I have enjoyed getting to know her through an online writing group and will get to meet her in person (yippee!) next month at the launch party for Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love. Today she shares some much-needed advice for parents through her letter [Read more...]

Simplified Goals for August

August ushers in a new sense of beginnings. Fresh notebooks line the shelves, eager to record facts and fantasies. Shoes gleam white, ready for the marks of adventure to appear on their surface. Children’s eyes light with anticipation for the start of a new school year. August is also a month of goal-setting. Whether we write them down or not, we have goals for this academic year. We will [Read more...]