September 2015

#FridayFive: Five Re-Reads

I am headed to Austin today to attend a party at Jen Hatmaker’s house this weekend. I wrote that all nonchalantly, but on the inside I am all “eeeeeeek!” I will join over 200 For the Love launch team members to celebrate the community created out of this book launch. Because I am going to my first book launch party, and because I love books, today’s #FridayFive is Five [Read more...]

Who Is Brody?

Several years ago, I met a special little boy who, through the years, transformed my understanding of God’s love for me and my adoption into God’s family. Brody Griffin is a dark-eyed, mocha-skinned beauty. His words are few and his challenges are great. Who is Brody? Brody has Fragile X Syndrome, “a genetic condition that causes intellectual disability, behavioral and learning [Read more...]