November 2015

Finding Peace on Earth During the Holidays

My friend, Jill Richardson, is back to share some wise words about peace during holidays. As we crank up the Jingle Bells and light the cinnamon candles, let’s take just a minute to measure our holiday stress. If it feels like the holidays are all about stress, this is for you! We feel a lot of pressure to measure up. This is true anytime, but holidays bring out the best and the worst of [Read more...]

Gathering the Harvest

I am two generations removed from true dependence on the family garden for food. Just close enough to remember picking an armful of vegetables and fruit from the garden, yet far enough away that my own garden consists of a single tomato plant growing from a bag of garden soil in the back yard. We had a little garden in the front yard of my childhood home. I remember watching sprouts turn to [Read more...]

In Everything Give Thanks

Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works! Psalm 105:1-2 Psalm 105 starts with thanksgiving. Following this declaration of God’s goodness, the psalmist recounts the ups and downs in the history of the children of Israel. From Abraham to Joseph to Moses, God shows Himself faithful. [Read more...]

Love Keeps a Record of Rights

We recently had a long run of viruses in our home. All is good until Mama gets sick. I went down on a Monday about the same time the kids got home from school. I stayed in the bed until lunch the next day. Mamas don’t often get a true sick day. We work our mama job through the coughing, sniffling, and fever. My husband kicked it into high gear for this one. He took care of dinner, baths, and [Read more...]

Parenting a Middle Schooler with Love

This morning, I sent my daughter off to middle school with a prayer and a kiss on her head. In the past 45 minutes, we laughed, hugged, fussed, apologized, and fussed again. This is a microcosm of our days. She is snuggly and gentle one minute, barking out demands the next. I am patient and engaged, and then quickly become annoyed and frustrated. Middle school parenting is not for the faint at [Read more...]

Most Popular Posts of 2015

One year ago, I started this blog. I followed some tutorials, listened to a lot of podcasts, and waded through HTML talk that I still don’t understand. All for the love of sharing this journey of sanctification. I have grown over the past year as a writer and entrepreneur (what the what!). Words like tribe, branding, and platform hold meaning now. What does a writer do when they reach such [Read more...]

Savor the Senses

This time of year is full of sensory delights. It is one of my favorite things about fall. The scents of sage, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The feel of a warm, ceramic coffee cup in my hand, coupled with the nip of frost in the air. The sound of the referee’s whistle as the band plays “Yea Alabama.” And, with Thanksgiving planted right in the center of this sensory smorgasbord, it [Read more...]

Can Abundance Crowd Out Gratitude?

Abundance is a tricky thing. It seems the more you have, the more you want. Take restaurants, for example. My favorite restaurant when I was a little girl was Burger King. We didn’t eat out much in the 80’s, but when we did, it was two-for-one Whoppers on payday . When I moved to the city to go to college, I discovered a great little Greek restaurant, a swanky Thai place, and The Cheesecake [Read more...]

Gift Guide for Her: Gifts for the Heart

Do you remember the old Sears and Roebuck catalog? I looked for it to come around every year. I would spend hours studying the colorful ads, imagining an assortment of gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. The slick pages fueled my dreams and filled my wishes. Now that I am all grown up, I can save and purchase just about anything on my wish list. This makes gift buying a little difficult [Read more...]

Five Dinner Guests

The fourth Thursday in November will find many of us gathered around tables, passing turkey and green bean casserole. We will sit on soft couches to talk as we sip coffee and eat (another) piece of pie. Gathering around tables to break bread together creates an atmosphere of intimacy.     In the spirit of this month of gathering and feasting, today’s #FridayFive is an imaginary [Read more...]