November 2015

I Was Pretty Until You Walked In: The Trap of Comparison

Sunday mornings can be a little dramatic at my house. My 9-year-old, Sarah Kate, is a fashionista. She labors over her outfit choices and then walks into my room wearing her selection as if she is coming down the catwalk. My 11-year-old, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about her outfit. If it is kind of clean and kind of matches, it works. One Sunday morning, Sarah Kate ran through [Read more...]

Four Reasons to Write What Has Already Been Written

A few days after I carefully crafted and published my very first blog post, I sat down to read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine. My stomach sank as I read her wise, published, people-pay-for-this words. My post mirrored so much of what she said in that book. We even used the same running analogy, the detail so similar I was afraid I would be nabbed for plagiarism. The clouds of doubt [Read more...]

I Can’t Believe I Just Said That

After nearly 45 minutes of rocking and shushing my 2-year-old, he finally calmed enough to fall asleep. He was suffering through the pain and discomfort of thrush. I suffered right along with him, bearing the weight of his inability to eat, drink, or rest. I laid him in the crib, feeling his 34-pounds wrapped tight in the muscles of my neck and shoulders. As I stepped out of his room, I heard [Read more...]

Five Favorite Charities

Despite my kids’ daily begging, our bowl of Halloween candy isn’t empty yet. But you know it is coming, don’t you? The music in the store is tuned to sleigh bells and silent nights. Turkeys fill the freezer section at the grocery store. My inbox is full of super sales and special pricing. We will spend the next several weeks remembering all we are thankful for and purchasing [Read more...]

Turn Your Passion into Cash

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a school bus driver. I rode my bike around our neighborhood, stopping at all the houses. I would open the pretend door and wait for my pretend passengers to find their seat. I made the route often, dreaming of driving of such a fine, yellow vehicle. I’m not sure why I was fascinated with the idea. The thought of that many children sitting behind me [Read more...]

Goal Setting: Keep it Simple

I am nearing the finish line. I can feel the burn in my legs and the sharp cut of cold air as it rushes in my lungs. I started this race strong, full of determination and grit. With a few stumbles along the way, injury and discouragement threaten to slow me down. I will finish this race! Goal setting is easy. Reaching goals is monumentally hard. I started the year off with some ambitious goals. I [Read more...]