December 2015

Before Mom’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

I am so pleased to introduce you to Lauren Flake of Love of Dixie. Lauren and I met through the For the Love Launch Team. We’ve maintained an e-relationship over the months. She is one of my girls. She challenges and encourages me week after week. And she is such a good writer, pouring words from her heart. Dear Lauren, age 22, You are graduating from college, idealistic and naive, and [Read more...]

Five Christmas Traditions

It seems every family has their own treasure box of Christmas traditions. If you scan through social media feeds, you will see them here, there, and everywhere. Visits to the Christmas tree farm, lighting the Advent candles, and visits to Santa show up on Facebook walls and Instagram feeds. We love our traditions and we love to share them with others. After the addition of child number three a [Read more...]

Finishing 2015 Goals

This is it, y’all! I am finishing 2015 goals this month! I will do a short wrap-up at the end of the year. I don’t want to; I didn’t do more than I did. However, I am confident that I accomplished more this year with my goals than I would have without them. Looking back over my goals, I found there are a few things I either forgot I wanted or lost focus. Knowing that I had to [Read more...]