June 2016

What is the Christian’s Place in the Fight for Freedom?

A scan of news headlines has the potential to leave us shaking in our boots, or at least shaking our heads. Actual headlines from this week: Clinton gains ground over Trump in new poles Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law Clinton blames republican leaders for a ‘paralyzed’ Congress Pastor battles city over Jesus-related bus stop ads These headlines don’t include the [Read more...]

De-Clutter to Make Room for Jesus

“The need for less often results in a life of more.” ~Brian Gardner My purse is a good indicator of my problem with stuff. I start with a good-sized bag. I put in the necessities: wallet, keys, lipstick, a small notepad, my phone. I usually throw in a book on my way out the door. When my daughter is with me, I add in an Epi-pen. Once a month, I add my little, zippered pouch of feminine [Read more...]

Give Me Jesus: Easy to Say, Harder to Live

Give me Jesus. Easy enough to say from my air-conditioned home in Alabama suburbia. Three healthy kids walk my halls. My husband of eighteen years shares my bed. My car cranks right up when I need to go to work. I walk fearlessly into my church every Sunday. In light of recent heart-breaking events, I have to wonder: would I be able to say “give me Jesus” if all of this were taken [Read more...]

Sometimes Grace Looks Like a Nap

Mothers, you probably know the scene well. Maybe you are here with me. A few busy summer days in a row and all of the kids and all of the parents are cranky. We say unkind things and react instead of respond. Before you know it, everyone’s crying in their salad. Sometimes, on these hard days, my two-year-old says through his tears, “time go night-night.” I couldn’t agree [Read more...]

5 Encouraging Prayers for the Struggling Father

In both my real life and online interactions with other women, a consistent concern continues to surface. Women want to know how to get their uninvolved spouse to engage in parenting. As soon as the lines show up on the pregnancy test, parenting is front and center in the minds of mothers. We are spurred on by Pinterest pins and Instagram images of parenting perfection. Men are not so [Read more...]

The Truth of the Gospel Found in the Editor’s Red Ink

During my school-aged years, I developed an affinity for the letter A, especially when followed by a little plus sign. It became an indicator of perfection. I developed an even greater distaste for a teacher’s correcting pen. Her red marks on my test papers were evidence that I was not perfect. They were an indicator of my failed attempt to recall the information correctly or solve the [Read more...]

Service: “Have To” or “Get To”?

I frequent a certain fast food chain and always order a number one with lemonade. It doesn’t matter who takes my order, the transaction always ends with, “It’s my pleasure.” The cashier always wears a smile, and I sense he or she truly enjoys serving me that chicken sandwich on a buttery bun. I encounter the same kind of smile at church. Mrs. Rita opens the door for my family almost every [Read more...]

Can a Regular Mama Spend Her Day Like Jesus?

Mama, do you ever feel like your daily routines are so far removed from the way Jesus spent his days and the way he wants us to spend our days? The gospels are full of Jesus’ miracles, wise words, and unending kindness. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes the only thing in my day that resembles the Jesus I read about is saying a blessing over our meal and washing feet—little, [Read more...]

Six Women Who Need to Read Giddy Up, Eunice

In the years before my first child came along, my husband and I spent a lot of time with a couple five years ahead of us in life. Ross and Jeanna’s marriage served as an example to us newlyweds. We watched as they learned how to navigate the new world of parenting. I learned so much about mothering in those five years of shadowing my dear friend. I am sure it wasn’t easy on Jeanna to [Read more...]

Finding the Man of My Dreams

I played house a lot when I was a child. We had a square back porch just big enough to serve as the kitchen. Two patches of earth on either side served as the living quarters. The grass was worn away from the pounding of our feet making it easier for me to “sweep.” I gathered dark, black berries and leaves from the edge of the yard—most likely full of poison—that made the [Read more...]