July 2016

Will the Uprooting Make You or Break You?

Transitions are hard. When everything is upside down, we tend to cling to the familiar for comfort. When you move to a new city, everything is unfamiliar, leaving very little to comfort you. I found myself in this scenario exactly four years ago. It wasn’t as simple as saying goodbye to our dream house. We grew up in this endearing, small town. Both sides of our family lived nearby. My best [Read more...]

Letting Go of the Doubt in the Middle of the Storm

I’ve never been on a sinking ship, but I have been under a sinking jet ski. A few weeks ago, my family enjoyed some water recreation at a friend’s lake house. Through a series of unfortunate events, one of the jet skis started to sink. All of the adults zipped up a life vest and jumped in to try to hold it afloat. Man versus water is not my favorite scenario. The situation seemed a [Read more...]

How to Find Your Summer Break Sanity

Can summer break be over? It’s kids all day, every day. (Teachers, how do you even deal?) I start each day with an awesome and ambitious list of all the things I plan to accomplish. I put off my shower in hopes I can go for a run. I end up missing my run because getting a two-year-old and twelve-year-old out the door is like wrangling two skittish squirrels into a coffee can. I spend the [Read more...]

4 Ways to Help Your Kids Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

I remember the year healthy living entered my awareness.  My junior year of high school, I found a lost pair of jeans and could not figure out how they shrunk while missing. I also noticed mysterious pink lines on my thighs. I experienced an adolescent triple threat: I stopped growing, I no longer had to take gym class at school, and with my new independent mobility in the form of a driver’s [Read more...]

8 Inspiring Links to Help Revive Your Writing

“Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.” ~Ernest Hemmingway This time last year, I packed my bags and headed to North Carolina to attend She Speaks,  a writing conference hosted by Lysa TerKuerst and Proverbs 31. I left feeling as if I spent three days at a writing revival. (Read my recap here.) I’m staying home this year. And blogging in the summer can be like a hike in the [Read more...]

5 Things I Wish I Had Known

You don’t know what you don’t know. It is one of those statements that is so basic, yet so deep. When we enter into a new phase of life, we have expectations and are sometimes knocked down by our reality. How many times have you said to yourself, “If only I’d known…”? Wisdom is underrated in the young. When I consider my not-so-great decisions, they are most [Read more...]

9 Books to Prepare You and Your Child for Middle School

My family embarked on the middle school adventure last year with some trepidation. We were already riding the emotional roller coaster of adolescence at home. I feared the prospect of adding middle school drama into the mix. Memories of my own sixth-grade awkwardness, self-doubt, and tumultuous friendships fed my apprehensions. My go-to anecdote for fear is knowledge. Instead of allowing myself [Read more...]

5 Book Recommendations from My Mid-Year Favorites

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to read two books a month. I started with a list of titles I wanted to read. Along the way, I picked up book recommendations from my sister, my friends, and a few writers I follow. The number of books I want to read far exceeds the amount of time I have so I appreciate others’ endorsements to help me narrow the list down a bit. We are at the [Read more...]

Eliminating the Dead Zone in Your Home with a Little Salt

I have a dual personality. Just call me “Two Face.” I am one person to my children and someone different with my spouse. When my sweet children wake, I meet them with hugs and back rubs. I ask them how they slept and if they had good dreams. I sometimes offer to fix them breakfast. I pour sugar all over our interactions. It doesn’t matter how many times I told them to get in the [Read more...]

Why Today’s Mom Would Make a Great Founding Father

In anticipation of our country’s 240th birthday, I immersed myself in 1776 this week. I am working my way through David McCullough’s book, 1776, as well as the PBS series Liberty! The American Revolution. The events leading up to Continental Congress’ vote to declare independence from Britain are a mixture of intentional pursuit and seemingly haphazard events. Before the first [Read more...]