5 Ways to do Back to School Better

back to school tips

School is in full swing around these parts. The big yellow bus rolls around early in the morn to collect the children and take them off to the land of learning. It is a welcome routine after the daily chaos of summer. The start of school brings its own brand of chaos. Lunches to pack, forms to sign, and the daily question of, “Do you have any homework?”

For today’s #FridayFive, we are tackling back to school tips. Not so much because I have mastered it. Oh, no! In the first week of school, we had one missed bus, one forgotten lunch, one lost book and one zero for an incomplete assignment (Teachers, for the love of red apples, please do NOT assign reading tests to be completed over the summer!). I am crushing this back to school thing! No, I am hosting this link up in desperation. HELP ME! Here are the 5 things we are trying.

5 Back to School Tips

Start an Evening Routine

One way we cut down on the morning rush is to start the night before. Over the summer, my girls went through Crystal Paine’s online course, Make Over Your Mornings. We listed out all of the things that could be done the night before. They include:

  • preparing lunch and snack
  • packing backpacks with everything needed for the next day
  • pick out clothes and know exactly where your shoes are (can I get an “Amen!”)

Doing a few things at night does make the morning go a little better. We haven’t had the panicky “where are my shoes” moment. Yet.

Set a Morning Routine

Make Over Your Mornings also helped the girls decide what they needed to do every morning. I will admit to coddling them over the years. I would prompt them through their morning, nagging them from one step to the next. I want them to take ownership of getting themselves ready from start to finish without my help. By allowing them to list out the steps, it has helped them to become more independent. Now, my verbal cue is simply, “where are you on your morning routine?”

Get Enough Sleep

This one is a no-brainer, yet I think many households struggle with it, including mine. I read Dr. Archibald Hart’s book, Sleep It Does the Family Good: How Busy Families Can Overcome Sleep Deprivation. He explains the science behind sleep, lists the symptoms of sleep deprivation and provides gentle advice on how to ensure your family gets enough sleep. My kids get harder to manage the less sleep they get. By ensuring they get to bed on time, I make all of our lives a little easier.

Create a Homework Station

Thankfully, the girls haven’t had much homework so far. But, we are poised and ready when they do! Since we do homework at the dining room table, I needed some way to clean everything up quickly. I purchased an inexpensive shower caddy and filled it with all of the supplies we need to complete homework: pencils, glue sticks, scissors, a  timer, paper, and colored pencils. I used recycled supplies from last year making this an economical project.

Pray Each Day

I want to create a spiritual legacy for my children. I want them to develop the practice of giving each day to God. In all of the rush, we try to take a few minutes to pray before they head out into the wide, wide world. I ask for protection and safety, but I also ask God to help them friend the friendless, show respect toward their teachers and be a light in the darkness. This is also a way to align my own heart with God; to acknowledge that these children are not really mine, but His.

back to school tips

#FridayFive Link Up

Now it is your turn to share! How do you do back to school better? I need the help! Share back to school tips in the comments below. Or, better yet, link up with #FridayFive today. Come back next week for #FridayFive Re-Reads. Share your favorite books, the ones you read over and over again.

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  1. Good practical ideas that are easy to implement and will make life so much easier for parents!

  2. Great tips… especially prayer and getting enough sleep – two critical things that must happen!!

  3. Great 5!! You are a good mom! Proverbs 31:28 comes to mind. Maybe they don’t see all you/we do for them now but one day they will.

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