7 Things That Moved Me This Week

things that moved me

After reading this post by Hands Free Mama, I have started looking for the little moments that move me, make me feel.  Joy, excitement, happiness, completeness, emptiness.  Any feeling counts in this search for things that move me. These moments create a “meaningful collection of moments that keep fueling you forward” (Rachel Stafford, Hands Free Mama).

Here are just a few of the things that made it into my little notebook this week.

Fringe HoursFringe Hours.  I am almost finished with this must read book.  I am pushing to finish it this weekend.  Look for a full review in a few weeks when the book launches.  I shared last week how the concepts in this book changed one of my days.  I must admit, it is changing more than a single day.  I am releasing guilt associated with “me time.”  I am not making excuses for sitting down to read or going to BAM for coffee with friends.  I better stop now before I launch into the full review!  Let me encourage you to pre-order this one!  It’s good soul food.


Clutter FreeDecluttering.  I started the Declutter 365 Challenge this week as a part of my goals for 2015. I have been so motivated by my clean counters and empty sink!  I am moving toward less clutter and less chaos.  I threw away some unused utensils.  I moved some old towels from the drawer to the cleaning caddy.  I am ready for the next week of 15 minute decluttering to begin!  I also received a copy of Clutter Free by Kathi Lipp this week.  I hope to dive into it next week and have a review for you soon.


flowerpatchfarmgirlWhat It Means to Come Home.  This post broke me.  On the floor sobbing broke me.  I love the way Shannan writes, how she thinks.  I can laugh and cry in the same paragraph.  She shares how their son, Robert, returns home after suffering the consequences of some bad decisions.

But we can show him that faith of ours, and hope it matters.
We can prove again that he can’t outrun his chances.

We are dealing with our own do-it-my-way kid.  Shannan’s picture of grace spoke to my mama heart.  It encouraged me to keep showing love.  Not my imperfect, conditional love, but the perfect, unconditional love of God.


The CafeMom  So, this really moved me!  I have decided that running in 8* weather is crazy.  And I can’t take a one-year-old out for a jog in the freezing cold.  So YouTube it is!  I tried The CafeMom’s workout.  It was good to move, get my heart beating again.  I decided I cannot do burpees and that is ok with me!  I look forward to warmer weather, but until then I will have to keep moving in my home gym, a.k.a. living room.  If I could just figure out how to do crunches with a one-year-old laying on my head!


Revive Our HeartsROH Radio:  A Mother’s Song  This podcast (and part 2) tells the beautiful story of Bobbie Wolgemuth.  She loved hymns and taught her girls to love them, too.  I love modern worship music.  But, I grew up singing hymns.  When the churches I attended started making the transition, I was in high school/college and embraced the change.  With the gray atop my head comes an understanding that those hymns hold a significant place in worship.  The lyrics point to Christ in the setting of contemplative melodies.  I pulled up a few hymn-centered albums on my Amazon Music and have filled the corners of my home with their sweet sound.


SRT John 6She Reads Truth I had a hard time pin-pointing my favorite #SheReadsTruth from this last week.  Every day I have learned something new.  I landed on John 6:1-71.  If you missed it, stop by #SRT and read about Truth and doubt.

Doubt is woven into the natural rhythm of faith, but it is never the end. Size up your situation, and doubt overcomes. Size up the cross, and see that doubt has been overcome.

I certainly identify with Phillip. I am significantly more practical than I am faith-filled. I measure twice, plan the route carefully, size up the chances of success. This is not the heart of a disciple. Planning and preparation are not bad. But I also need to take on the characteristics of Andrew. He brought that little boy’s lunch to Jesus. He said, “it’s not much, but it’s all I have.”

I am not enough on my own. I cannot plan more, prepare enough, or work longer to make God-sized thing happen in my life. And he doesn’t ask that of me. When the Jews asked him what they must do to do the work God requires, Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” I struggle with that answer. I want boxes to check so I can know that I have done enough. This believing thing is abstract, ever changing. God can do more with my small belief than all of my works stacked up on end. Jesus, it’s not much, but it’s all I have.


golden girlsFriendship. (Cue the music. You know you want to!)  It seems every week I am more amazed at the beauty of community.  I need my sisters around me to walk this Walk well.  I used a Fringe Hour (or two) to have coffee with friends this week.  We message throughout the day, but this face-to-face time was an incredible blessing.  These precious ladies pray me through trials, offer encouragement and admonishment, and make me laugh all the time.  My Messenger Sisters move me closer to Christ every week!  Now, sing it with me!

Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.

I hope you found a few moments that moved you forward this week.  Make a point to look for them; they are everywhere!

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