9 Books to Prepare You and Your Child for Middle School

9 Books to Prepare You and Your Child for Middle School

My family embarked on the middle school adventure last year with some trepidation. We were already riding the emotional roller coaster of adolescence at home. I feared the prospect of adding middle school drama into the mix. Memories of my own sixth-grade awkwardness, self-doubt, and tumultuous friendships fed my apprehensions.

My go-to anecdote for fear is knowledge. Instead of allowing myself to meditate on the “what if’s” of the middle school mystery that lay before me, I started reading. Several books on parenting tweenagers gave me the information and tools I needed to prepare for our entry into the great unknown.

This list of resources will be helpful for parents of fifth, sixth, and seventh graders. There is no need to stand in the parking lot of middle school orientation with knocking knees. You, too, can walk into the front doors of your child’s new school with confidence. (Just don’t hover too close to your kid; they will be eternally embarrassed if anyone knows they have actual parents.)

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9 Books to Prepare You and Your Child for Middle School


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  1. They look like great options. I wasn’t aware the Christian Parenting site even existed! Wish I would have had these tools when my children were in middle school, but I’m glad they’re available now for families. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post! I’ll be sharing it today. Following you at Kelly’s. Blessings!

  2. An interesting list – thank you for compiling and publishing it. I have only read Dannah Gresh’s book, but it’s definitely a keeper for our home’s bookshelf. I have a feeling some of these others will be as well. Our youngest hits middle school this year. Watch out! Look for a share of this on my prof. fb page. Visiting via #raralinkup.

  3. Wasn’t aware there were even books available simply on the middle school years as ridiculous as that sounds coming from someone who has both raised and taught middle schoolers. Knowledge really is power. Thank you for these!

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