The Me I Want to Be and the Me I Am

adjectives that describe me

There is so much talk this time of year about becoming your best self. We set our sights on words like thin, organized, and disciplined. It’s enough to make a soul feel dejected and discouraged. Consider this thought: there are great adjectives that describe you right now. Let’s not get so focused on the person we want to be tomorrow that we miss the beauty of who we are today.

For today’s #FridayFive, I am cheating just a bit. I am listing five adjectives that describe the me I want to be, and five adjectives that describe me right now.

Friday Five

The Me I Want to Be

Patient. Don’t we all want a little more of this? I am patient in waiting for things, but so short-tempered with my children. I want to not lose my cool with them. I want to model patience for them so they can graciously and naturally offer it to others.

Loving. I am so driven and practical that I act more like the administrator of our marriage instead of a loving wife. I nag more than I compliment. I clam up more than I open up. I’ll never be the mushy-gushy type, but I could stand to be more loving.

Rested.  I stay up too late and wake too early. I cram too much into my day and don’t take the time to rest on the weekend. I wonder what it would be like to be wide awake before my first cup of coffee.

Timely. I am late. A lot. I always feel inconsiderate when I make someone wait on me. Even though I don’t like to be late, I usually leave with just enough time (or not enough time) to get where I am going.

Thoughtful. I want to be one of those incredibly considerate people. The kind of person who gives the just-right gifts. The friend who remembers birthdays before Facebook reminds me. I stay so wrapped up in my own busy that I don’t take enough time to look to the needs of others.


adjectives that describe me


The Me I Am

Disciplined. I do what I set out to do (most of the time). If it takes getting up at 4:00 am to accomplish my goals, I am up at 4:00. I set a plan and I stick to it. This helps me accomplish so much (and also makes me very tired!).

Loyal. Once you are my friend, you are pretty much stuck with me. I still have a handful of childhood friends; we are near 30 years of friendship. I am still very close to my high school girlfriends. I love sharing a lovely history with someone.

Faithful. If I say I will be there, I show up. I stick to my commitments. This gets me in a bind at times. There are times I should back off instead of being so tenacious. I am addressing this by thinking carefully before I make a commitment.

Forgiving. I have a hard time holding a grudge. I forgive offenses easily. Water under the bridge. Yesterday’s news. I am glad I can’t remember all the wrongs done to me. It sure makes my load a lot lighter.

Boring. And I am very okay with that one. I love staying home. I enjoy quiet nights of Downton Abbey and early bedtimes. I pick vanilla ice cream and listen to my music turned down low. I’m not flashy and that suits me just fine.


Setting my sights on being the best me I can be is a good thing. But I don’t want it to make me discontent with who I already am. To focus only on areas that find me lacking is to neglect my God-given strengths. I hope you join me in aiming for more while taking the time to celebrate the amazing person you already are!

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Now it’s your turn! What adjectives would you use to describe yourself or the self you want to be? Share in the comments or link up using the button below. I can’t wait to get to know you better!

January Friday Five

Be sure to come back next week. We are talking about boundaries. What boundaries do you set for yourself? In your relationships? Do you have boundaries for your kids online? This could go in several directions! I look forward to seeing you!

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  1. Kelly,

    I am so grateful to know you. Each of these adjectives are admirable. I love how you are an encouragement to many and honest without harshness.

    This is a wonderful post as it is full of honesty and desire for more, yet full of satisfaction and content with who you are.

    I like you. You do you well.

  2. Oh I love this! I may steal your exact format because I am un-original. Never had my own idea…SO GREAT to get to know you. I want to be more like you.

  3. I am boring too, and I am also fine with that. Some of us need that quiet to meet the world again the next day. I definitely do!

  4. I can totally relate to your first five, though I have gotten better at the “rested” since my kids have gotten older and more able to help out around the house. I am also loyal and faithful and what some might call boring, but I’M not bored! In fact, I can no longer understand how people can BE bored. I am persistent in following after God and seeking His face. Who could be bored with a friend like Him always at your side!? Driven – to please God, which includes loving and serving others for His name’s sake.

  5. I can identify with your adjectives so much! I echo Brianna’s thoughts – You do you well! Thank you for your words, they always encourage me. 🙂

  6. Love the way you did your post!! 🙂

  7. I love who you are and I love who you want to be. Let’s be boring together. We make a great team!

  8. way to step it up a notch. who you want to be says just as much about you (or more) than who you are.

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