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My three-year-old son, Barrett, squealed with delight as the waves of the Gulf Coast waters washed over his feet. A full year passed since his last jaunt in the ocean. Even though he grew bigger between visits, the swell of the water a few yards in still intimidated him. He wanted to go deeper, but the fear of what his eyes saw kept him on the shore.

My husband scooped him up and headed toward the deeper water. Barrett protested a little, but his dad’s reassuring words calmed him. I imagine his heart pounded inside his little chest as they went deeper, deeper, deeper. The water rose, first around his waist and then around his shoulders. His fear seemed to dissolve into the sea like the salt he tasted on his lips. The concerned crease between his eyes melted until it became lines around his smiling lips.

The next morning, as we made the walk toward the beach, Barrett reached for my hand. He hopped and skittered across the hot sand. Excitement flowed from his hand to mine like an electric current. As he set his eyes on the tossing waves he said, “Yesterday I was afraid of the waves. But I went in with Daddy, and now I feel brave.”

Tears brimmed at the corner of my eyes as I considered the words of my little philosopher. The solid presence of a trusted friend inspires bravery where we once felt fear. When someone offers to stand beside us as we face our fears, we can do more than we thought we could.

The solid presence of a trusted friend inspires bravery where we once felt fear. #beingbrave40daysClick To Tweet

Being Brave: A 40-Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You

This is exactly what my friend Kelly Johnson does in her forty-day devotional, Being Brave: A 40-Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You. She reaches out a hand and names us brave.

Being Brave, Kelly Johnson

This isn’t just a book; these aren’t just words. Kelly does this for me in real life. She calls me out into the water to do more than I think I can. Encouragement and biblical wisdom flow freely during my conversations with her. This is why I am so excited about her book. Now you have the opportunity to let Kelly encourage you to be brave!

Because we belong to God, our place is secure. Because we are completely loved, we can be assured of our right and perhaps even our responsibility to speak up and be heard. Boldness gives us the confidence to step out of our comfort zone and take a risk, knowing there is someone to catch us if we fall. Boldness gives us the courage to accept God’s invitation for more even when we are still scared. (Kelly Johnson, Being Brave)


The book is made up of six sections containing short chapters making it the ideal length for busy women. At the end of each chapter, Kelly poses probing and insightful questions to help the reader apply the truths found in Scripture. Kelly shares anecdotal stories from her own life as well as excerpts from Christ’s last days with his disciples. Being Brave is the perfect companion to begin the year or to follow during the Lenten season.

God is inviting us to embrace progress, not perfection. Through the work Jesus did on the cross, God is setting us free to be our true, authentic, sometimes messy selves, the self He calls beloved. (Kelly Johnson, Being Brave)

As I read Being Brave, I began to better understand just how much God loves me and is for me. Through the reflection questions, I could pinpoint the source of my fears and insecurities. I found strength in the Bible verses, as well as the stories Kelly shares in the book.


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Your Being Brave Invitation

Do you want to join God on an amazing journey in the new year? Does fear or insecurity hold you back? Please join Kelly on the path to brave. Take her hand and step forward into the wild and wonderful adventure God dreams for you! Grab a copy ofBeing Brave: A 40-Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You today!

Being Brave, Kelly Johnson

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  1. My dear and lovely friend, what a beautiful post!! Thank YOU so much for your encouragement throughout this process! YOU make me brave every day and I love that we get to do life together. And I LOVE the story of Barrett facing his fears with Daddy by his side. A perfect example for the way God wants us to lean on Him and each other!

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