Before Mom’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

I am so pleased to introduce you to Lauren Flake of Love of Dixie. Lauren and I met through the For the Love Launch Team. We’ve maintained an e-relationship over the months. She is one of my girls. She challenges and encourages me week after week. And she is such a good writer, pouring words from her heart. Dear Lauren, age 22, You are graduating from college, idealistic and naive, and [Read more...]

Savor the Senses

This time of year is full of sensory delights. It is one of my favorite things about fall. The scents of sage, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The feel of a warm, ceramic coffee cup in my hand, coupled with the nip of frost in the air. The sound of the referee’s whistle as the band plays “Yea Alabama.” And, with Thanksgiving planted right in the center of this sensory smorgasbord, it [Read more...]

Gift Guide for Her: Gifts for the Heart

Do you remember the old Sears and Roebuck catalog? I looked for it to come around every year. I would spend hours studying the colorful ads, imagining an assortment of gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. The slick pages fueled my dreams and filled my wishes. Now that I am all grown up, I can save and purchase just about anything on my wish list. This makes gift buying a little difficult [Read more...]

Five Dinner Guests

The fourth Thursday in November will find many of us gathered around tables, passing turkey and green bean casserole. We will sit on soft couches to talk as we sip coffee and eat (another) piece of pie. Gathering around tables to break bread together creates an atmosphere of intimacy.     In the spirit of this month of gathering and feasting, today’s #FridayFive is an imaginary [Read more...]

Five Fall Traditions

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That phrase may usher in the sound of jingling bells in your mind. I submit to you, the most wonderful time of the year is the fall.  The crispness in the air, the colors bursting from tree trunks, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet. Ah! Give me a thermos of chai tea, a good book, and lock me out of the house! The changing of the season is [Read more...]

Climbing the Family Tree

Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation. Joel 1:3 Last Sunday was Grandparent’s Day. I missed it. Sometimes I stink at these Hallmark card moments. What can I do to make up for missing a chance to honor my generational heroes? I can write about them, of course! For most of my adult life, I have worked with older adults. [Read more...]

#FridayFive: Glimpses of Joy

Have you ever soared high on emotions while on a trip or conference only to come crashing down when you return to real life? That is how I landed after my trip to Austin last weekend. After enjoying the ultimate girls’ weekend, I came home to fever and sickness. Real life was a crash landing, all of the happy memories folding up like twisted metal upon impact. In the middle of the coughing [Read more...]

I Hope You Dance

Today’s Letter to Me is from a fellow For the Love Launch Team member, Andrea Stunz. This lovely lady has such wisdom and grace in her words. She encourages me daily and I am so very thankful for that. She is the keeper of Empty Plate Full Heart (this post is one of my favorites) and I am honored to have her letter to share with you today. Dancing faces you towards Heaven, whichever [Read more...]

Five Favorite Things

After a tough couple of weeks at home, tough posts on the blog, and just a bunch of yucky stuff on the news (side hug, anyone?), I am ready for some coffee talk. I need something light and airy today, how about you? I am taking a page out of Crystal Stine’s book–er, uh–her blog (her book is pretty awesome, too). It’s time for Five Favorite Things! Today we are going FIVE [Read more...]

Survey Says

Way back in the early 2000’s, back when I first joined Facebook (what did I do with my free time before then?!), surveys were a big deal. Remember answering all kinds of random questions, posting them in your notes, and tagging friends? So fun! So when I found a survey on Flower Patch Farm Girl, I just had to play along! You know what they say about imitation and flattery. Reading…The [Read more...]