Thank You Mom

Birthdays are a time to reflect and rejoice. On my birthday, I like to think about where I have been, where I am, and where I am going. Today is my mom’s birthday. So I get to reflect on where she has been and rejoice in who she is. Reflecting back to before she became “Mom,” back when she was “Mommy,” I can imagine the struggles we kids never saw. Having 4 kids must [Read more...]

The Blessing of Crumbs on the Floor

When I was a brand new mom full of ideas and judgments, a friend had me over for coffee and conversation. A plate sat on the table with toddler leftovers. Crumbs were on the floor. A few dishes sat in the sink. I remember wondering why she didn’t sweep before I came over. And instantly feeling comforted that she had mess at her house like I had at mine. That was over a decade ago, but [Read more...]

The Text Every Woman Wants to Get

It was a small thing, really. Two text messages in succession on a Saturday morning. It made me pause and wipe my eye before the hastily applied eye make-up made a B line for my cheek. They were two little gold iNuggets hiding in the silt of life gleaming with the brightness of friendship. I received two requests to “save me a seat” that morning. We mamas were trying desperately to [Read more...]

7 Things That Moved Me This Week

After reading this post by Hands Free Mama, I have started looking for the little moments that move me, make me feel.  Joy, excitement, happiness, completeness, emptiness.  Any feeling counts in this search for things that move me. These moments create a “meaningful collection of moments that keep fueling you forward” (Rachel Stafford, Hands Free Mama). Here are just a few of the [Read more...]

In a Christmas State of Mind

  Wake up.  Wipe the fog from my eyes.  Shuffle quietly to the kitchen.  Press start on the Keurig.  Splash in some Peppermint Mocha.  Wrap the afghan around my shoulders to ward of the chill in the air.  Open my Bible. Lord, it’s busy and I don’t feel you all day long.  Please, come here now.  Sit with me a while.  Remind me of Your story.  The one we celebrate with [Read more...]

She Still Believes in Santa

My sweet Sarah Kate still believes in Santa. She is only 8, so this statement may not surprise you.  Many, dare I say, most children believe in Santa.  But, Santa does not grace our chimney.  He does not bring beautifully wrapped packages to place under our Christmas tree.  He does not declare the familiar Ho-ho-holiday greeting from our rooftop. Yet, she believes. Gennady Spirin (Russian, [Read more...]

With My Whole Heart

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1 From dark and lonely corners to joyful horizons From hiding doubt to absolute certainty From want to plenty, stress to calm From offense to forgiveness From waiting to arriving With my whole heart I will thank You To take a journey through your whole heart, visit She Reads Truth: In [Read more...]


I turned 37 this year. How does it look today? Up at 4 to rock a fussy baby. Finished watching Parenthood on DVR. Weighed in (so, maybe I should keep counting calories every day). And instead of going back to sleep for an hour, I decided to stay up. To write. Because I think this is what I want to do when I grow up. And what better way to do it, well, than to do it. I am not at a bad place at 37. [Read more...]