Family Conflict at Christmas

Christmas commercials are the best. During the month of December, there are endless replays of families gathered around trees and tables, laughing and passing the mashed potatoes. Everyone is in love and high on Christmas cheer. And then there’s reality. Husband and wife bicker about the budget. Wife sulks on the way to the in-laws. Husband hides at his mother’s to avoid the drama. The [Read more...]

Love Keeps a Record of Rights

We recently had a long run of viruses in our home. All is good until Mama gets sick. I went down on a Monday about the same time the kids got home from school. I stayed in the bed until lunch the next day. Mamas don’t often get a true sick day. We work our mama job through the coughing, sniffling, and fever. My husband kicked it into high gear for this one. He took care of dinner, baths, and [Read more...]

Does Absence Make the Heart Grow Fonder or Colder?

Does absence really make the heart grow fonder or does it turn cold during separation? I recently got to test this old adage out with two back-to-back weekends of separation from my husband. A few weeks ago, I traveled  to Austin, TX alone to meet up with friends. I left behind 2 sick children and one brave dad. All weekend, my mind wandered back home. I imagined a fussy baby, a sassy [Read more...]

Five Favorite Date Nights

My first date with David didn’t even start out as a date. We went to a movie as friends, just as we had countless times before. Then, in a field under the stars, he asked me if I would be more than a friend. My answer, “Yes! If you hadn’t said something tonight, I would have!” We decided to get married on our second date. It was a double date and our friend said, “I [Read more...]

The Battle for Your Heart

Dear Tired and Lonely Self, You are in the middle of one of the hardest periods in life–raising two small children. You work all day, then you come home to work some more. It is often a single-parent gig as hobbies take your husband away on evenings and weekends. You won’t admit it to yourself, but you are becoming bitter and angry. You are on the battlefield and you don’t even [Read more...]

Bathsheba, The Influential Wife

One day last week, I had one thing left on my to-do list: go to Sam’s. My husband had one thing on his to-do list: go to the gym. In an effort to spend more time together as a family, we decided to complete our to-do list together. Well, you can guess how the story ends. We stayed at the gym longer than planned. By the time we got in the car, Sam’s had closed and my to-do list was [Read more...]

A Father’s Day Gift Money Cannot Buy

There are 4 brave men among 496 women on Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love Launch Team. Phillip Taylor is one of them. I asked Phillip to share his thoughts on Father’s Day, to add a little male perspective. He delivered a moving post on encouragement, affirmation, and the power of our words. Please welcome Baseball Preacher, Phillip Taylor. It is 6:00 on Sunday night, and I am  sitting in [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Spouse Goofs

What to Do When Your Spouse Goofs is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife Everybody messes up from time to time. It is never fun when someone points out our mistakes or shames us for it. Marriage is a fertile ground for such finger-pointing. We are so familiar with one another that we don’t think twice about berating our spouse for their errors in judgment. Elizabeth provides [Read more...]

5 Ways to Encourage the Father in Your Husband

Something happens in the birthing room for most women. The oxytocin and dopamine start flowing and suddenly we are mothers, inside and out. Fathers face a different initiation into their role. They may be smitten with their wee one, but the bonding process can take longer. Fast-forward a few years and you have a small child and a grown man looking at each other, trying to decide what to do. Some [Read more...]

Choosing Brave Over Bitter

Today, I have the privilege of guest posting for a new friend, Kelly Johnson. Kelly blogs at Grace Notes, a thoughtful spot with words about real life. She is full of wisdom, humor, and encouragement. Please head over and spend a few minutes getting to know her. This one had me cracking up and giving a hearty, “Me, too!” Thank you for the opportunity, Kelly! Most would consider the [Read more...]