The New Testament Wife

The New Testament Wife is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife. Submission. Is there a more controversial word in marriage? It is the s-word no one wants to talk about. I am a non-controversial, non-confrontational person. Talking about the s-word is not about pointing fingers or demanding agreement. It is something beautiful I have experienced and I want to share it with you. I [Read more...]

The No Radio Road Trip

Remember when you were dating and you could talk for hours about nothing and everything? Now that kids and jobs and budgets are a part of the picture, our conversations tend to revolve around kids and jobs and budgets. I don’t know about you, but our conversations tend to be short, business-like and to the point. They go a little something like this: What are you doing Thursday? I have a team [Read more...]

Leah the Unloved Wife

Leah the Unloved Wife is part of an ongoing series, Portrait of a Godly Wife Light began to peek through the seams of the tent. Morning was inevitable. Leah knew Laban’s charade would soon come to a heartbreaking end. She drew the blanket close to her chin, savoring the warmth and misdirected love of her husband, Jacob. As soon as the light from the sun hit her homely face, her heart would [Read more...]

Abigail: The Wife of a Fool

On his best day, a husband is a night in shining armor. He sweeps you off your feet with flowers, dinner, and sweet talk about how you complete him. You end the night cuddling by candle light, so glad you married such a dear. Then there are the not-so-good days. Like that time he gave you tips on loading the dishwasher–the one he loads twice a month while complaining. Or that time he played [Read more...]

14 in February

Let’s play a word association game.  I say February, you think ______.  (I hope it’s not Presidents Day or we have bigger problems here!). You think Valentine’s Day, right?  When I say Valentine’s, you think ______.  Love.  Chocolate. Shoe boxes covered in construction paper. What about sex?  What words come to mind?  Oh yeah! Oh no! Don’t remind me.  Sleep. [Read more...]

The King’s Crown

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, was a kingdom ruled by an average man. In his early years, he fought many battles bravely, winning the hand of a beautiful queen. Now, he woke every day and did the work of the king, nothing more, nothing less. All the while, his beautiful queen kept the castle running, trained the prince and princess in their royal roles, and planned extravagant [Read more...]

Mary, the Wife of Joseph

A few years ago my husband came to me with a job offer in another city.  It was his dream job, the one he planned to keep until retirement.  It would take us to a city we had lived in once before, but it wasn’t home. We lived in our hometown, just a few minutes away from both mothers, grandmothers, aunts and uncles.  We had an incredible support system of friends and family.  But, he [Read more...]

Christmas With the In-Laws

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration.  It is magic and wonder.  It is Hallmark movies and hot chocolate.  It is peppermint-scented candles and Bing Crosby. Christmas can also be manipulation and power struggles.  It can be passive-aggressive comments around the cookie tray.  It can be not-so-subtle gifts that hurt feelings instead of warm hearts.  It can be tears, yelling, silence, [Read more...]

The Curse

When we last visited Eve, she had just prepared a meal of forbidden fruit for her husband.  She and Adam were hiding from God, ashamed of their sin.  It was the first sin, the curse that follows us all.  God responds to Eve’s prideful behavior with a consequence that will make pride a stumbling block for her and every Eve to follow. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule [Read more...]

Portrait of a Godly Wife: The First Wife (Part 2)

Every good painting has shadows.  Every good story has an antagonist.  Every good marriage has conflict.  Every good person has pride. Eve was created by God to be Adam’s ezer, his helper.  In her second scene, she is in the garden talking with the snake.  He is trying to convince her that what God has said is not exactly true. Did God really say, “You must not eat from any tree [Read more...]