Chivalry and Respect for Women: The Better Way

Chivalry and Respect for Women: The Better Way

While this election causes more contradiction than consent among conservatives, caustic comments caught on tape bring an important topic to the surface. What is the value of a woman? Is she something to ogle and grope or someone to value and protect? What is a man’s role in that protection?

The man who hopes to earn our vote on November 8 has a recorded history of abusive language and abhorrent behavior toward women. While he will receive votes from many right-aligned citizens, respect for his character is lost. And rightly so.

My purpose here is not to persuade your vote, but to prick your conscience. We are at a societal crossroads and must plant our feet firmly on one side or the other.

On one side, we have a man who degrades women in both speech and action. I’d like to tell you about a group of men on the other side—men who take a stand for chivalry and respect. The distance between the two could not be greater.


The Priceless Movement

The Grammy Award-winning group for KING & COUNTRY stands firm on the platform of respecting and protecting women.

Joel Smallbone, one-half of the brother duo, says, “Part of the DNA of for KING & COUNTRY is this idea of respect and honor in relationships and women being priceless. What we’ve both found in our beliefs as men is that people are made equal. No one is a commodity and everyone deserves to be loved and loved well.”

For KING & COUNTRY shares their message, known as the Priceless Movement, from the stage during their concerts. Their most recent radio single, “Priceless,” sits at number one on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart. Joel and Luke Smallbone co-authored a book with the same title. This week, their message will hit the big screen as the movie, Priceless, opens in theaters across America.

Moviegoers will be entertained by this romantic action film. The storyline is strong and relevant. James Stevens, played by Joel Smallbone, is down and out, void of hope. In an effort to make some quick cash, James agrees to drive a locked box truck cross-country, cash on delivery, no questions asked. After an accident, James opens the truck to discover he is transporting two women, victims of human trafficking. He must make a decision: deliver the women or follow his conscience and rescue them. James is transformed from a man who will do anything to get what he wants into a man willing to risk everything in order to protect women.

Beyond pulse-quickening action and happy endings, Priceless encourages women to believe they are valuable and challenges men to stand up for women.

Producer Luke Smallbone hopes men are challenged by the film. “I hope that men squirm a little bit. I think that we, a lot of times, put all the weight and pressure on women. I mean, let’s be real. Human trafficking, if it weren’t for men and the way we objectify women, that issue wouldn’t exist. That industry would be no more. So the issue really does come down to us as men.”

Joel Smallbone continues, “I believe there are two sides to the coin with men. There is the hunter, the aggressor, the pursuer. And then there is, what I believe, the more mature, settled, truer version of a man—that is the protector, the committed, the noble, the bold. That is the side that I think every man wants to be. In a society that’s amplifying sensuality and the physicality of relationships so much, I hope we can counterbalance and say, “No, hang on. Let’s be the truer, nobler, more reasonable version of ourselves.”

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How do we start down the road toward chivalry and respect?

When you hear a song telling the country girl to “shake it for me,” turn the station and explain to your children why. Don’t download the song with lyrics that objectify and exploit women. Pass on the DVD rentals containing explicit scenes. Leave the masochistic novel on the shelf.

Let’s teach our daughters that their worth extends beyond their beauty. We can train our sons to be the kind of men who stand on the side of right and defend the integrity of women. Don’t excuse disrespectful “locker room talk.” Monitor your own speech for comments that might demean or belittle women.

We are at a crossroads. Will we allow exploitation to continue or embrace the value of every human life? Will we make excuses for loose lips or begin to speak a new kind of language—one of freedom, value, and hope?

Start your journey down the road to chivalry and respect at your local movie theater this weekend. Support the Priceless Movement and get a glimpse of true character. Be intentional parents. Teach mutual respect and stand against injustice. The change starts with us. It starts today.

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Chivalry and Respect: The Better Way

This post first appeared on The Huffington Post. A full review of Priceless can be found at Hollywood Jesus.

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  1. I think this election has taught us a bit about these types of things and what we are willing to tolerate. Although I will be so happy when November 9th rolls around. I’m so done with hearing all the negative campaigning.

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