Help! My Christian Kid Wants to Listen to Pop Music

Help! My Christian Kid Wants to Listen to Pop Music - Christian teens and music

We missed Miley’s rise and fall. We narrowly escaped Bieber Fever. My kids didn’t become Swifties or Directioners. Then, it finally happened. My middle schooler became a victim of pop music fandom for the first time.

Our family keeps the radio tuned to our local Christian music station; we aren’t exposed to much pop music. My kids hear the latest songs at school and while hanging out with their friends. After a friend introduced her to a popular band, my daughter seemed to learn the entire album overnight. She sang the songs non-stop, played the videos on YouTube, and looked up band factoids on Google.

I panicked. My Christian kid seemed bewitched by a secular musical duo. My first instinct was to block it from our music streaming service. However, I realized this is the first of many fan fevers our household will likely experience. The issue is not this band in particular, but the principle of making wise media choices.

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  1. This will be on my radar when my children are older!

    Plugged In and Common Sense Media are great resources. I look up movies for myself. 🙂

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