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Clutter Free

There are a few books that I revisit often.  The Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges.  Don’t Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman.  The Very Busy Spider, just because I like to hear my baby bark, moo, and cock-a-doodle-doo.  Kathi Lipp’s book, Clutter Free has joined the list!

Kathi has given us an easy-to-read guide to deal with clutter.  She not only provides methods to sort through your drawers and closets, she also addresses the reasons behind the clutter.

clutter free

When we moved into this house a few years ago, we lost about 700 square feet.  We downsized our possessions considerably.  However, when I look around our cozy little house, I can see things piling on, poking out, and stacking up.  Clutter Free offers hope.  I feel equipped to deal with the clutter and prevent it from taking over once again.

Clutter Free Worked For Me!

I am already incorporating the things I learned from Kathi.  I used her three box method to attack my junk drawer.  I cannot wait to get into the girls’ room with my three boxes.  And a few trash bags!  I am rethinking my donation station.  It is downstairs in the garage, which usually results in a pile of donations sitting in my bedroom until I get around to putting it in the box downstairs.

Kathi shares three questions to ask yourself when deciding if an item stays or goes.  I am now prepared to deal with things I have kept out of duty, guilt, or negligence.  She gives permission to keep the little teapot my grandma gave me, even if it’s only purpose is to make me smile when I look across the kitchen.  As I move through my house, I feel better prepared to deal with unused gifts, forgotten crafting supplies, and special keepsakes.

clutter freePerhaps the most insightful portion of the book deals with the reason behind the clutter.  Kathi helps uncover the reasons we buy things and the reasons we keep things.  This helped me find the root of my own clutter.  By exposing the root, I can get rid of the unwanted clutter weed, leaving only the things I really want and love around me to enjoy.

From cover to cover, I enjoyed reading Kathi’s advice and examples from her own clutter free journey.  Now, I am going to give YOU a chance to get Clutter Free with Kathi Lipp!  I have a copy of her book to give away to one of you sweet readers!  The contest will run through midnight (CST) Thursday.  I will announce the randomly selected winner Friday.

There are three ways to enter in the box below:

    • Comment on this post by answering this question:  What area in your house do you want to declutter first?
    • Visit MrsDisciple’s Facebook page.
    • Follow @MrsDisciple on Twitter.

Be sure to enter in the Rafflecopter box below!  Email addresses will be used to contact the winner only.

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Good luck, friends!  Now, it is back to the decluttering for me!

UPDATE!!!  This giveaway is closed.  Congratulations to Xty Cruz!  You were selected to receive Clutter Free in the very first MrsDisciple giveaway!!  Happy decluttering!

(A big thank you to Kathi Lipp and her team for inviting me to review Clutter Free!)


  1. I want to declutter the craft room!

  2. I want to declutter our closet

  3. I want to declutter my closet

    • It seems like things multiply in there, Sierra! I go through mine every season, but I will be ruthless this spring when I revisit the closet. Kathi give so many great tips on deciding what to get rid of and letting go.

  4. I need to de-clutter my kitchen first. I can’t find things most of the time! I know I have them, but all of my cupboards are so full I can’t find it.

    • Jennifer, I experienced the same thing when we downsized. I lost tons of cabinet room. I had to let go of so much stuff. It was painful. But now I can find those things I really love and use often. It is worth it!

  5. My kitchen is a mess-stuff always piled up on the counters.

    • Karen, this is the first place I started. Clear counters has made such a difference during meal prep. It helps me keep my focus and enjoy cooking more. You can do it!

  6. My kitchen. Because it’s the first room we enter when we come home it seems to become a catch all for everything!

  7. I want to declutter my bedroom first.

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