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Today’s Letter to Me is from writer and blogger, Angie Dailey. She writes about real life with honesty and introspection at Metamorphosis. I have enjoyed getting to know her through an online writing group and will get to meet her in person (yippee!) next month at the launch party for Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love. Today she shares some much-needed advice for parents through her letter to her younger self. Welcome, Angie!

Dear Young Wife,

Wow girl…you should see how this all turned out! You just will not believe how much God has blessed you with. All four of your children have made it- all four! You didn’t lose any of them. You are a grandmother now, and those girls have stolen your heart. What I wanted to tell you is to relax. God’s got this!

You are so wound up- so worried about everything! Lighten up a bit. The sky isn’t falling because the kids ate an entire box of ice cream bars before noon! And those goldfish crackers smashed into the carpet? They are just going to be vacuumed up- it’s not that big a deal! Crying over spilled milk is one thing, but yelling about it? It’s just milk. Really!

Start reading THE BOOK to them again! You know, THE BOOK? The one with Jonah and Moses and Ruth and Noah in it. The one that guides your entire life now, as you sit and worry and wonder if you did enough when they were kids. Read it every day! Tell those kids about Jesus, and how much HE loves them. Tell them to choose Him no matter what. Make sure they know that people disappoint, but God never does.

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Make sure that blonde haired blue eyed cutie learns how to use his blatant and sometimes harsh truth-telling for good! Be sure to tell him you love him every day, in spite of his mischievous little self. He needs to know you care, you love him always and he will forever have a big part of your heart. Tell him how much you prayed over him when he was born, being uncertain of his future. Make sure he knows you were ready to trade his place every time he was sick.

Be sure that the oldest understands how to treat a woman, his future wife, and that children need their daddy like he needs his. Be sure he knows how much you respect his decisions, even when they do not line up with yours. Make him accountable for his actions, so when he is an adult he knows how to be accountable. Teach him to love his family, and sacrifice for others. Make sure he knows his momma loves him unconditionally, and that tattoos aren’t all that bad.

Make sure that beautiful little girl with the long brown hair knows she is loved by a God who is bigger than anything this life can throw at her. Be sure she can be a good wife, faithful and loving. Help her to learn how to take care of herself in case she has to, and how to love someone when they make it hard. Teach her to have discernment so when she has to make tough decisions, she is capable.

Tell that youngest boy to follow his dreams and go where he is needed. He needs to know how to make his own decisions and stand apart from the crowd. He is going to be a leader, and he needs to know how to lean on God for understanding and peace. Make sure this child knows that last is not least, that he is loved fiercely and unconditionally. When his heart aches hold him tight, and when his light shines show it off!

Last of all; tell your husband how much it means to you that he is yours. Make sure he is the friend and partner in all things you do and decide. Be sure to stick by him through thick and thin. Take care of his health, his ego and his pride. Fill him with love and adoration, as a wife should, and never ever let him go to bed angry or worried. Make him breakfast in the morning, and pray for him throughout the day. He works so hard for you all and he needs to know he is appreciated.

Cut yourself some slack. No one is perfect, so quit trying to be. Stop living up to other people’s expectations and try living for Jesus for a change. It’s a good change, and it’s one that you will never regret. I hope this letter gives you a glimpse of the things you have already begun, so you can relax and know that God had a plan all along, and you have ended up exactly where He wants you to be. The only way to make a change is to be the change. You have a lot to be proud of.

Love- Your Future Self.

Angie DaileyAngie Dailey spends most of her time with her hubs, adult and at home kiddos, and grandchildren. Enjoying every minute of their lives is fascinating to her. She feels blessed to be able to write on my own blog, and to share the Creator of the Universe with her readers.  She loves coffee, friends, family and her chickens.  Angie lives in a rural area of Ohio where the corn is a great privacy fence and there is always room for one more around her table.

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