De-Clutter to Make Room for Jesus

“The need for less often results in a life of more.” ~Brian Gardner

My purse is a good indicator of my problem with stuff. I start with a good-sized bag. I put in the necessities: wallet, keys, lipstick, a small notepad, my phone. I usually throw in a book on my way out the door. When my daughter is with me, I add in an Epi-pen. Once a month, I add my little, zippered pouch of feminine necessities. Sometimes a Matchbox car rolls into the deep. Every Sunday, my Bible and sermon notes join the fray.

A few weeks after cleaning out my purse, my shoulder begins to ache. The tension spreads from under my purse strap all the way up my neck. I recognize the ache, so I stop, dump my purse out on my kitchen table, and cull all the extras . Ahhh! That feels so much better.

Every time, I promise myself I will not collect so much baggage. I want to know the freedom of a lightweight purse. I don’t like the tension I create when I try to drag around all of the things that seem important but which, in the end, aren’t necessary.

I imagine the rich young ruler had an overstuffed man purse when he came to Jesus, asking what he must do to have eternal life. Jesus told him in order to earn eternal life, he must keep the commandments. The rich man reports on his diligence in keeping the Law. He knows something is missing. “All these I have kept. What do I still lack?” he asks (Matt. 19:20 ESV).

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