How Can We Develop a Thankful Heart?

How Can We Develop a Thankful Heart?

My daughter sat on the floor with her dresser drawers open, surrounded by fabric casualties. She repeated the phrase that so many of us utter in the early morning hours–“I don’t have anything to wear!” Ankle deep in clothing she picked out at the store, she couldn’t find anything suitable to wear.

I scolded her with a less than patient tone. I pointed to three outfits poking out of her overstuffed drawers and left her pouting on the floor. It perplexed me how a child with so much could be so ungrateful for her abundance.

I went to the kitchen to make breakfast. A frown pulled at the corners of my mouth when I saw my broken dishwasher and unfashionable cabinets straight out of 1976. I longed for the gleam of a modern kitchen with appliances that actually work. I grumbled inwardly at what I considered to be sub-standard conditions. “I wish I had a nicer house,” I thought.

I am guilty of the same pouting ingratitude my daughter demonstrated. While it may be cliche’ to say we have so many reasons to be thankful, it is powerfully true. I became convinced of that after spending just one week in a third world country. My dishwasher doesn’t work, but I don’t have to boil my water and treat it with bleach in order to hand wash my dishes. My cabinets are dated, but they are full of healthy food choices in amazing varieties.

How do we develop a thankful heart?

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