Do You Need a Makeover?

Do You Need a Makeover? Colossians 3:9-11

Special occasions often call for new clothes.

My closet is stocked with well-worn favorites, but because I’m not very good at fashion and I don’t love shopping, most of them aren’t what you’d consider on the cutting edge of fashion. My teenager is fond of telling me when I’ve crossed the line into the “no one is wearing that anymore” zone. So when I received an invitation to a book launch party for a popular author, I decided I needed something new to wear.

The event was outdoors in the Texas heat. This limited my selection to breathable fabrics, lightweight dresses, and modest shorts. I don’t care for crazy patterns, skinny straps, or short hemlines. With my personal guidelines in mind, I dragged my kids in and out of several stores, looking for the perfect outfit.

Shopping for clothes with kids in tow is its own special kind of fun. I tried clothes on as quickly as possible while simultaneously dragging my son back under dressing room doors. I grew weary of the dressing room circus act, so I started trying things on right over my own clothes in the middle of the store. I slipped dresses and shirts over my head, looked down at the crumpled fit, and quickly hung them back on their hangers. After repeating this on-and-off routine several times, I gave up in frustration and exhaustion. I decided to wear an old dress to the party.

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