Family Conflict at Christmas

family conflict at Christmas

Christmas commercials are the best. During the month of December, there are endless replays of families gathered around trees and tables, laughing and passing the mashed potatoes. Everyone is in love and high on Christmas cheer.

And then there’s reality. Husband and wife bicker about the budget. Wife sulks on the way to the in-laws. Husband hides at his mother’s to avoid the drama. The grandchildren roll in too many gifts while their parents shoot crazy rays with their eyes at the indulgent grandparents. Happy holidays, right?

How do you recover the “happy” in the holidays with so much family conflict? Head over to Community Moms to read a few tips from some Old Testament greats.

family conflict at Christmas



  1. Nice post Kelly! Food for thought as we all deal with making the holidays meaningful!

  2. Hi, Kelly:
    I wanted to leave you a note that my husband and I are reading the Advent meditations every day and the one you wrote for today was so good! It led to a great discussion and blessed us!

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