My Favorite Things (a #FridayFive Link Up)

My Favorite Things

Spring is a time of rediscovery. New flowers in the beds, new wreaths on the door, new fruits showing up at the grocery store.This week, I exchanged my melancholy comforter for a white quilt. The girls are wearing their pastels. We painted our toes and pulled out the sandals. No more hiding from winter! It’s time to party!

Everything feels new and fresh! This is the perfect time of year to share our favorite things. Today’s #FridayFive is your chance! Take a look at my current top five, and jump in to share your own.

My Favorite Things

Chickpea Flour Food

Since completing the Daniel Fast, I try to keep up the no sugar, no flour habit. I’m not super strict (allowances are made for Pizza Movie Night, of course!), but this means I miss a lot of my favorites, namely pasta and crunchy snacks. I picked up some chickpea pasta after I had a sample at Sam’s (also available from Amazon). I used the recipe on the box for Pesto Primavera. Oh, my basil and garlic loving soul! It passed the husband test, too. Aldi came through for me with their hummus chips. Crunchy, salty, and GONE! I ate most of the bag and Claire finished it off for me. Yum!


My Favorite Things

My Logo Cup

I spoke to a small group of writers last week. They presented the most amazing gift—a stainless cup etched with my logo. I must say, I use nothing else to hold my drinks now. What a special and thoughtful gift! These women are amazing, by the way. Meeting with them was one of my favorite thing, too! They write about a different woman of the Bible each week and post it on their blog, Breath on Paper. Community, Bible study, and writing? Yes, please!


JellyTelly 5-Minute Family Devos

I reviewed JellyTelly’s 5-Minute Family Devos for Hollywood Jesus. Of course, to write an honest review, I had to try it out with my family. It was a win from the youngest to the oldest. Dad likes the fact that all the kids sit still and don’t argue during family devotions. Barrett loves to pause the video for prayers. The girls (secretly) like the excuse to watch JellyTelly. And me? I love to see my family learn biblical truth and life-application. It’s free, easy, and effective. And just in time for Holy Week! You can read more about it here.


CNN’s The Eighties

My latest Netflix binge (read: something to watch while I fold clothes and wash dishes) is CNN’s The Eighties. I enjoyed their presentation of previous decades, but this one is particularly meaningful because it is my childhood. The things I saw happen on our big console television as Peter Jennings narrated are rehashed with perspective. I watched it love, but my grade-school-self didn’t appreciate the significance. The fall of the Berlin wall, the development of home computers, the evolution of television programming—I could fold laundry all day just to watch one more episode. (By the way, I got every single show from the theme song challenge above since I was basically raised in front of the TV. I scheduled my life by the TV Guide in the 80’s.)


Of Mess and Moxie

Getting a Little Moxie in My Life

Being a part of Jen Hatmaker’s For the Love launch team changed my life in the best ways. It’s been a controversial year for the New York Times best-selling author.  When it was time to join or jump ship for the new book, I decided to join. Despite the fact that we don’t agree on all points of theology, I still love her style and her content. Her new book, Of Mess and Moxie, does not disappoint. I read this book faster than any in recent history. It’s a collection of short essays that delight, entertain, encourage, and challenge.


Those are a few of my favorite things. I didn’t include Brian and Jenn Johnson’s new album After all These Years, Voxer chats with faraway friends, IF:Equip’s Enjoying Jesus study, or my middle kid’s stellar performance as Mom #2 during spring break (which completely tempted me to homeschool that girl because she is my right hand). And there’s this little bit from my littlest one (while crying), “My spit went down the drain! I want it back!” The things that make a three-year-old cry.

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#FridayFive Link Up

Life is full of some really wonderful things. It helps us appreciate the good when we take a minute to write them down. (It also helps to consume coffee and dark chocolate while you do it.) Share some of your favorite things with us in the comments or use the link up button below.

#FridayFive March April

I’ve got one more link up planned before I bow out for a bit. Please come share a little something with us on April 21!

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  1. Can we still be friends if I tell you I’ve never seen an episode of the A-team but I loved Bradley Cooper movie?

  2. I may have to check out the Hummus chips. I could stand some healthier snack options.

  3. What an eclectic gathering of favorites! I have not tried chickpea flour but I will now! I love all things chickpea related so I’m sure it’s amazing! Thanks again for hosting the linkup!!

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