Five Dinner Guests

Friday Five

The fourth Thursday in November will find many of us gathered around tables, passing turkey and green bean casserole. We will sit on soft couches to talk as we sip coffee and eat (another) piece of pie. Gathering around tables to break bread together creates an atmosphere of intimacy.


Sunday Dinner


In the spirit of this month of gathering and feasting, today’s #FridayFive is an imaginary feast of sorts. I am “inviting” five dinner guests to come to my table. I am a believer in Titus 2-type mentoring relationships, so for my dinner I chose five women who could speak wisdom and truth into my life. I tried to dream big, picking women who couldn’t really come because of distance, time, or the fact that I’ve never met them before in my life.


five dinner guests


remembering grandparentsGrandma Richards

I introduced you to my Grandma in a previous #FridayFive. She died when I was young and I miss her still. She was incredibly patient and loving. She gave us all of her attention when we crawled up beside her. I would love to sit down with her today and hear all the advice she has to give the grown version of me.


Gail Hyatt

I am a huge Michael Hyatt fan. He talks about his wife with such respect and affection. I finally got to “meet” her during Hyatt’s Influence and Impact Summit. She described the challenges of marriage and wise ways to handle them. She exuded the essence of a godly wife.


AndreaAndrea Stunz

Andrea and I “met” through the For the Love Launch Team. We met in real life at She Speaks and spent a bit of time together at the Launch Party in Austin. We are an airplane ride apart or else I feel confident we would meet weekly at Chik Fil A for coffee talk. She is a step ahead of me in parenting and journeying beside me in writing. She is gentle with her instruction and faithful with her encouragement. You can get to know her, too, at Empty Plate Full Heart.


Liz Curtis Higgs

Laughter is a welcome addition to any dinner party. It is a true treasure to find wisdom and humor wrapped so nicely together in one woman. I love the way Liz tells a story. I’m not one to laugh until I cry, but she brings me to tears on a regular basis. She doesn’t joke for the sake of laughter; there is always a trail of wisdom in her stories. She would certainly liven up my imaginary dinner party!


dinner guests

My Sister

I know. I said I wanted to invite people who couldn’t really come. But, if I am going to have all of these lovely ladies at a table, I am not leaving my baby sister out. She is a young wife and a new mom so I am sure she would soak up the wisdom these ladies would share. She is also witty and wise; she would have so much to add to the conversation.

Gail, Andrea, Liz, and Jessica: there is an open invitation to come have dinner with me! My floor is kind of dirty and you may find a little, dried milk puddle beside your plate. But, the conversation would be rich and the love would be big!

#FridayFive Link Up

Now it’s your turn! Share your five dinner guests in the comments below. Or, write about them and link up using the button below. Use your imagination to create the best dinner party ever!

#FridayFive November

This season is rich with beauty in all forms. Be sure to come back next week to share those things that are tickling your five senses: taste, touch, hear, smell, and see.

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  1. I’d like to be there! I don’t remember where you and Andrea live, but you know, if I’m half way…..

  2. I am SO THERE, my dear. Be sure to seat me next to the little milk puddle. I’ll feel right at home. Hugs and blessings to you and yours, this happy season and always!

  3. ooh I’m inviting myself to this dinner!! 😉
    I had 4 of my 5 picked out. If you don’t mind a copy-cat, I may have just found my 5th.

  4. Such fun. Thanks for sharing…and making me think!

  5. Oh Kelly!! This week has been crazy and yesterday I didn’t get a chance to read your post yesterday even though I was SO excited about the retweets and comments from Gail Hyatt and Liz Curtiss Higgs – two of my favorites as well! When I got up this morning and read your post, it was God’s perfect timing. I was stunned. Honored. Humbled. I had time to soak it in. Liz said to put her next to the puddle of milk, well I would be a puddle of tears. Tears of joy to think of getting to be in your home and sitting with you over a meal and rich conversation. I don’t think I’d ever want to leave. Thank you, friend. You bless me so. But seriously, can we plan this dinner party? Stat!

    • I would love that! Seriously, I plan to look at 2016 soon and plan out my dream list of conferences. I would love to find a weekend we can do a FTL writing retreat!

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