Five Favorite Date Nights

Five Favorite Date Nights

My first date with David didn’t even start out as a date. We went to a movie as friends, just as we had countless times before. Then, in a field under the stars, he asked me if I would be more than a friend. My answer, “Yes! If you hadn’t said something tonight, I would have!”

just friends

We decided to get married on our second date. It was a double date and our friend said, “I can totally see you two getting married.” Awkward. Ordained. We talked about it on the way home. We decided which month would be best, where we would live, and how we would pay for food. I was blissful!

wedding day

That was 19 years ago. Tomorrow we will celebrate 17 years of marriage. We have 3 kids, 2 jobs, a mortgage. He has tennis; I have my writing. It’s a tough season. A commitment to date fans the flame from month-to-month. It is the refuel when the marriage tank gets empty.

Because it’s my anniversary and because I need to remember, I am listing my five favorite dates for today’s #FridayFive. I am also giving away a great date night tool to one of you! 

5 Favorite Dates

Sushi and a Movie

I know this is not fancy or dramatic. But, when you have three kids, getting out of the house for a movie is a treat. Last weekend, David and I stopped for sushi and then headed off to a movie. The movie choices weren’t all that great, but I was downright giddy to be there. I cannot wait to do it again! (I just have to save up for the sitter!)

Get a Room

Every once in a while, we get an opportunity for an overnight date. Those are such a nice retreat! Friends and family have generously taken our kids so that we could reconnect. It is nice, just the two of us. Those are usually the dates when I remember why I married my husband. It is good to remember. 

d and k

Tennis, Anyone?

We found a way to squeeze in a free, fun date (which is important for a single-ish income family!). We drop the kids off in childcare at the YMCA and play tennis for an hour or so. If I am being honest, this is not my favorite. But, it is one of David’s favorite things to do. That’s what love is, sometimes–doing something you don’t love for someone you do. 

First Love

Breakfast dates are the best! I am a morning person. Sharing the best part of my day with my best friend leads to good conversation and sweet smiles. And bacon. Enough said!

Couch Date

I think my favorite date in recent years involves takeout and Netflix. Once the kids are asleep, we share a grown-up meal, a grown-up drink and watch Netflix. It is pure comfort to be next to someone who really knows you and share Mongolian beef and Breaking Bad. As a matter of fact, this is our plan for our anniversary night.

Friday Five

#FridayFive Link Up

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Now it is your turn to share! Tell me about your favorite date in the comments below. Or, better yet, link up with #FridayFive today. I will select one of you to receive Gary Chapman’s 101 Conversation Starters for Couples (Kindle edition)! Each comment and link is an entry. Entries close August 27 at midnight. I will randomly select a winner and announce it on next week’s #FridayFive.

Update: Congratulations, Lauren! You now have 101 Conversation Starters to get you talking on your next date!

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Five Favorite Date Nights

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  1. “That’s what love is, sometimes–doing something you don’t love for someone you do.” YES!! I love your stories here, Kelly!! Thank you for sharing them. I’ve linked up with mine.

  2. I really love the photo of the two of you praying on your wedding day. So very sweet.

    And sushi and a movie is one of our favorites, too 🙂

  3. We usually go see a movie and go out to dinner. Recently the kids were out of the house and we decided to stay in and watch a movie and it was so calm and we were just as happy!

  4. Recently the kids were out of the house and we decided to stay in and watch a movie. It was so calm compared to our usual dinner and a movie out. We loved it!

  5. I like your ideas!! My husband and I went out for sushi and a movie on our first date. I never had sushi before. It was an experience and being head over heels for this man, I gave it a try. He knocks me off of my heels and so I don’t remember how the food tasted. I just love that smile of his from the very beginning. You share in your post, that it is important to remember. I never imagined how important it is to be intentional and I never imagined how much work it takes to be so. It feels like so much is going on in our lives as parents and I’m not sure where the two of us fit for just the two of us. Have you ever experienced this and how do you overcome that? I suppose i was immediately attracted to your post here, because I love dating my husband and I miss just him and me. We have been married Nine years and we have a seven year old boy and six year old girl. We make a wonderful team. Love this post. I’m going to go set up a plan for some dates.

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