Five Hopes for a Promising New Year

hope for the new year

The last few weeks of the year I am drawn to reflection and projection. I look back on all the last twelve months held and dream big about the next twelve. Before I start making lists of all I will do, I want to consider all that I hope for the new year.

Friday Five

Five Hopes for a Promising New Year

Hope for Big Faith

I believe God. I really do. I believe He can do big things, things that absolutely blow my mind and encourage my heart. But, He is bigger than I believe Him to be. This year, I want my faith to grow. I want to engage in spiritual practices that will encourage my faith to be as big as my God. I am planting my mustard seed in the ground and I hope mountains move.

Date Night

Hope for Love

Marriage is wonderful and hard. Throw a handful of kinds and a couple of jobs in there and it’s a war zone. I battle distraction, entitlement, and unmet expectationsIt is a fight to stay in love. I fight because I hope for a better love, a deeper love, a Christ-like love. I want us to be that couple that feels more in love in year 18 than we did in year one.


goals when busyHope for Grateful Kids

My kids spend so much time soaking in culture. Between school, friends, and media, their reality is skewed. It becomes some kind of Western twisted dimension where more is more, I want it all, and don’t tell me what to do. That’s not Kingdom living. I want my kids to learn that last is first and giving is better than receiving. I want them to be grateful and, in return, become gracious. (You can join me in this hope. Pre-order Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch.)


Hope for Influence

I want to be a change agent. I want others to grow closer to Christ after they spend time with me, both online and in person. I want to encourage grace, gratitude, and community among my family and my sisters in Christ. I hope to learn how to be an influencer while staying genuine and true to my calling.


Hope for Peace

Margin. It is my rainbow unicorn. The unattainable. Sought but never found. As I wind down this year that ends much busier than it started, I am seriously considering what goes and what stays. A massive decluttering, so to speak. I want peace in my home which will require physical decluttering and intentional parenting. I want peace in my soul, which means clearing some space on the calendar to invite margin, to allow for Sabbath.


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December Friday Five Prompts

Writers gonna’ write, especially at Christmas time. Be sure to stop by next week and share posts about your Christmas memories—past and present. “Five” isn’t necessary; all memories are welcome! We can sip hot chocolate and share the traditions, joys, and hopes from this wonderful season!

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  1. So smart to keep the need for Sabbath and showing love first. I “hope” you find all this in 2016!

  2. Loved reading this…will see if I can get my hopes on paper by the end of the day!! (In between the Dr. Appointment and Star Wars…priorities, you know.)

  3. I especially like your hope for big faith. That’s my hope for next year, too. My husband and I pray regularly that God will allow us to live big lives because He’s a big God. He’s able to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine, right?

  4. May all of your hopes be fully realized!

  5. This is a great list to adapt and use as I look ahead to 2016. Thanks so much for sharing. May God abundantly bless you and your family and may the new year overflow with hope.

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