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In the early days of motherhood, I didn’t think much about the gas tank of my soul. I gave a lot and then wondered why I felt empty all the time.

After reading Jessica Turner’s The Fringe Hours, my eyes were opened to the great need to gauge my soul’s tank. Giving too much without taking the time to refuel leaves me tired, frustrated, and sometimes just plain ugly.

For today’s #FridayFive, I am listing my top 5 soul fillers. When I find a Fringe Hour, these are my go-to’s. In fact, the benefits of filling my soul cause me to seek out time to feed the soul.

1. Writing

Since I blog, it is no mystery that writing is one of my “things.” I have journaled for decades. I think with ink. I process on paper. I love words and turning them and joining them to convey truth. It gets me out of bed early and keeps me up late at night.

2. Reading

As a young’un, the reading program at the library was my favorite thing about summer break. I loved the smell of the books that welcomed me when I opened the heavy glass doors. I remember one summer, staying in my room for days on end as I made my way through one book after another. I still relish getting lost in a good book; I just don’t get to do it for hours at a time like I did back then. At the beginning of 2015, I set a goal to read 2 books per month and have enjoyed making reading a priority again. My reading lists are available in each monthly goal update.

3. Online Community

With the growth of social media, it is easier than ever before to find you people; that is, people who are like minded in principles, goals, and/or hobbies. I really do find a lot of soul food in the online communities in which I am involved. Online book studies with Susan from The Confident Mom, Facebook groups for bloggers and the For the Love Launch Team, and my new writing community at Compel give this stay at home mama constant connection with the outside world. And it is really sweet when online friendships become friends in real life!

FTL Launch Team

Members of For the Love Launch Team get to meet in real life. (L-R: Andrea Stunz, Rebecca Greebon, Anne Watson, me, Ann Stritt, Brooke Garrison)

4. Face-to-Face Community

I love my friends. I cannot say that enough. Old friends, new friends, church friends, work friends–it doesn’t matter. Illness, in-law issues, GNO, death, moves, pedicures, a quiet moment after church, or a text at just the right time. These friends are my sisters. It can be hard to step into a relationship with real people, but it is so worth it!

5. Time with God

This is hands down, the best soul filler for me. I am not trying to be over-spiritual (I am a mess). Spending time reading God’s word, reflecting through journaling and responding in prayer is the highlight of my day. It is so important to me, I do it first, before anything else can capture my attention. I don’t know how else to start my day.

We must exchange whispers with God before shouts with the world. Lysa TerKeurst

What about you? What are your soul fillers? Share in the comments below, or better yet, link up at the end of this post!

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First5 is a new app from Proverbs 31. First5 will wake you up with scripture and teaching from God’s words. It will help you be with God before you are sent out by God.

“The reason so many women today struggle to make themselves a priority is because they are trying to be everything for everyone. . . Living as though you have to be everything for everyone will suck the life right out of you.” Jessica Turner, The Fringe Hours.

Looking for ways to make some space in your day for some soul food? Start with your mornings! Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Mornings is a 14-day course that can change the course of your life. Read more here.

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