God Doesn’t Waste Time

God Doesn't Waste Time, The Glorious Table

“I wish I were already a grown-up,” my ten-year-old daughter said. “Then I could actually be all the things I want to be.” She looked out the window of the car, her blue eyes longing to see every dream come true. A chef, a mother, a teacher, Commander in Chief. Her vision for the future changes with each turn of the calendar page. She looks ahead at what could be, what will be.

As she waits in this not-yet stage of life, she builds a foundation for what is to come. She practices new skills that will one day become second nature to her. Kissing her brother’s boo-boos, cooking al dente pasta, intercession for a friend. I watch her grow and learn as her future takes shape right in front of me.

The training ground of childhood provides the uphill climbs necessary to build strength for adulthood. Pushing through girl drama, geometry, and sibling rivalry prepares her for the inevitable trials waiting for her in her grown-up world. With each victory, her heart will build strength until it beats wildly with the passion God placed in her.

In that moment, when all she imagines becomes her reality, she can look back with clear eyes to see how the footprints of her childhood were mapped out by a Creator who knows what was, is, and will be.

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Photo by Annie Spratt, courtesy of The Glorious Table.