Remembering the Holiness of Christ

Remembering the Holiness of Christ

The first time I held my babies, their innocence overwhelmed me. They were helpless and perfect, not even a hint of malice in their searching eyes. But after thirteen years of parenting, I am under no illusion that my children are perfect. As a matter of fact, their flaws often mirror my own. We lose our tempers quickly. Hunger and fatigue highlight our tendencies toward sin. Unwelcome sarcasm is dished out like a second helping of lunchroom mystery meat.

I remember the day my firstborn revealed her sin nature. I established a clear boundary. She looked me straight in the eye and crossed it anyway. I was a bit surprised it came so early but not surprised that she made the choice to do the wrong thing. Since the beginning of mankind, sin has been a part of the human condition (see Romans 5:12).

During the Christmas season, we remember Jesus as a baby. We find him in nativity scenes everywhere and on church platforms looking so sweet and innocent. Anyone who has held a newborn can imagine the holy glow he must have radiated on Christmas morning.

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