How the Minion Movie Made Me Feel Like a Bad Mother

“Have you seen the new Minion movie?”

It started off as an innocent question and led to this whole inner struggle with my value as a mother.

I was chatting it up with a kid at church, making small talk about summer and school starting soon. I asked him if he a had seen the new Minion movie. I took the girls on Friday so I thought we might be able to talk about it. It was an attempt at being culturally relevant with a middle schooler.

His reply was like a sucker punch.

“My mom doesn’t want us to see it because it’s all about being evil and stuff.”

I was almost speechless. I gave him a quick, “Yeah, she’s probably right,” and then excused myself from the conversation.

I immediately thought about what a terrible job I am doing with my kids, that I would let them go see that movie–no, that I would take them to that movie–when it’s “all about being evil and stuff.” I tried to count up all of my friends that took their kids to see it in order to make myself feel better about such a huge lapse in judgment. It was comparison parenting at its best–er, worst. (4)

I thought about that movie and every other movie that we watch as a family. They are all a good versus evil struggle. Heck, the whole Bible is good versus evil.

A sigh of relief. Maybe I am not such a bad mother after all.

Then, I started to feel bad because I let a comment from an eleven-year-old about his family’s stand on Minions shake my confidence as a decision maker for my family. Seriously, Kelly?

Isn’t that how it is? We are either comparing what we aren’t doing with others’ Pinterest crafts and family game nights, or we are comparing what we do allow with others strict rules and guidelines.

If I allow horizontal comparison to guide my parenting, I will be like one of those obnoxious one-eyed minions, on an endless search for Boss.

The only respite I have from a tireless scramble to be the perfect parent is to set my eyes on The Boss. God’s word is the only standard by which I should judge my parenting. If I parent according to Spirit and Truth, I am doing a good job. It doesn’t matter what an eleven-year-old has to say about it.

Do you allow your confidence in your parenting to be shaken by comparison like me? Let’s stop looking side to side and look up instead!

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  1. I do have to say that seeing a minion in a g-string just wasn’t that funny that many times. 🙂 HA!

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