I Have a Repeating Problem

getting your children to obey

Hello, my name is Kelly and I have a repeating problem. It started about 10 years ago. I didn’t realize it was a problem until recently. Maybe you have this problem, too. Consider these rhetorical questions:

  • Do you find yourself giving the same instructions to your children over and over?
  • Does it seem your voice is mute to anyone under the age of 18 until you raise it to a window-rattling volume?
  • Do you find yourself counting to 3 by quarters, as in, “one, two, two and half, two and three-quarters . . . three!”?

My repeating problem started innocently enough. I would ask my strong-willed toddler very nicely to pick up her toys. Then, when she walked off without obeying, I would call her back and repeat my instructions. As she got older and her will grew stronger, it took more repetition to get her to obey.

Do you have trouble getting your children to obey, too? Read more about my repeating problem and what to do about it at Community Moms.

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