The Importance of Discipleship

The Importance of Discipleship: It Doesn't Have to Be Big to Matter Big

“You don’t have to start a new organization, or write a book, or start a new blog. Just make disciples.” ~David Platt

We see so many “big” efforts for Christ, especially on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Fundraisers for charity organizations. Viral blog posts encouraging others. Campaigns to end human trafficking. Crusades bringing the lost to Jesus. And sometimes we allow them to create in us an overwhelming sense of smallness. Intimidated, we ask, “What difference can I possibly make?”

In reality, every Christian can make a difference. We sometimes think discipling has to be such a big production, but the gospel has primarily been spread across nations and centuries without a single “like” or catchy advertisement campaign. Instead, Christians have made disciples one person at a time.

Philip, an early apostle of Christ, was in the middle of accomplishing big and exciting things for the sake of the gospel. A gospel-preaching superstar, one day he even facilitated the conversion of a famous magician in the streets of Samaria. But then an angel of the Lord called him out of the crowd to the chariot of a traveling eunuch, and Philip went from preaching the gospel in the streets to one-on-one discipleship. What a change that must have been for him!


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  1. I took so many notes during David Platt’s IF session. I was so skeptical when this quote kept being used as it could easily be taken out of context and be a negative to those who have started organizations or blogs or are writers. However, you have captured the heart of his message so eloquently. Thank you for encouraging us to use our voice however we can to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

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