It’s Not Too Late for a New Beginning

It's Not too Lat for a New Beginning

The start of a new year begs for a new beginning. By now you may be in week two of your new workout routine or half-way through Genesis in your One Year Bible. Your closets are clean, and you get eight solid hours of sleep each night. I love it! Three cheers for fresh starts and makeovers!

Or you may be like me—January 1 came and went without a single goal written in the brand new planer. Your one word is lost in the dictionary somewhere, waiting to be discovered. The bad habits you keep trying to shake followed you right into the new year like a shadow. So much for your best year ever.

It’s not too late to start again!

I meant to write this “new beginning” post the last week of last year. Then it went on my mental to-do list when the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve. I even wrote it in my planner toward the end of last week when I finally opened its fresh, unblemished pages. I almost gave up on ever writing it. Then I began to wonder if someone else out there needs a late start on her new beginning.

Just because we blew it at the beginning of the year, we are not disqualified. Each day presents a fresh page. Every hour is a chance to start again. Right now is the best time for a new beginning.

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How to Begin a New Beginning

Give yourself some grace.

We put so much pressure on ourselves to create a Pinterest-perfect Christmas and roll right into a new beginning. I didn’t have the energy this year to prepare goals and plans in December. I needed time to pray and think about the future. It’s ok if you started the new year without goals. Don’t be hard on yourself. New Year’s Day is just a day. Today is a great day to start something. You didn’t fail.


Dream big.

This one is hard for me. I like to set my sights on things that are attainable through my own strength. However, God’s dreams for me may be bigger than I can imagine. He created us to do great things for him. Too often we limit ourselves because we can’t see a way to accomplish that big thing. If time, money, and resources weren’t an issue, what would you like to accomplish this year? Start right there!


Pray and pray some more.

Once you have a dream or two, begin to pray about it. Give that dream to God; allow him to expand it and shape it into his dream for you. Ask him to show you the steps to accomplish your goals. He is the source of strength, so return to him, again and again, to sustain the pursuit of your God-given dreams and goals.


Make a plan.

Now that we’ve established a goal and tapped into the strength to meet that goal, it’s time to make a plan. The path to big dreams is made up of tiny steps. What is one thing you can do today to get you one step closer? If it’s a health-related goal, take a twenty-minute walk around your neighborhood. Opening God’s Word is a great place to start down the road toward spiritual growth. Do you have ministry or writing aspirations? Consider starting a Facebook group and invite friends to join you. It doesn’t have to be a big step, just do something!


Share your goals.

One way to ensure you stay on the road to a new beginning is to invite a friend to join you. Share your dreams and goals with a trusted friend. Ask her to keep you accountable through weekly check-ins. You might find she needs the same kind of encouragement!


Celebrate successes.

When you take a little step toward your new beginning, celebrate! For me, a simple checkmark beside my action step gives me a thrill. In my head, I say, “You did it!” Perhaps your spouse is a good cheerleader; share your accomplishment with him. A mini dance party, a latte, a quiet session with a good book—whatever keeps you motivated, sister!


We can do this! We can start our new beginning today. January, June, December—anytime is the right time to start fresh! After sending this your way, I’m patting myself on the back and placing my sweet, little checkmark in my planner, even if it’s a few weeks late. Woohoo!

Share your goal or your first step in the comments and I will celebrate with you!


Recommended Resource

If you need more help getting started, I highly recommend Crystal Paine’s Makeover Your Mornings course. Self-paced and full of action plans, her practical advice can help you truly make this your best year ever. (This is an affiliate link, so purchasing through my link will help me maintain this space. Thanks!)


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  1. Yes to all of this! I started my goals and my “new year” on Jan 8th!

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