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Today’s Letter to Me is from my friend, Amanda Rosler. We met through Jen Hatmaker’s For The Love Launch Team. She is such an encourager! She blogs at Abiding Trust where she both encourages and challenges her readers to live with a deep trust in God. Please welcome, Amanda!

Dear 6-year-old self,

Jesus take the big wheel

Amanda Rosler, age 6

You see this picture?

In your 6-year-old world, everything seems to be ok! You’re riding carefree down the driveway, feet off the peddles, hair blowing in the wind and that smile is so innocent!

Do yourself a favor… Your life is about to be turned upside-down, please don’t lose hope.

I know there will be so many times throughout the years that you will want to hold on to those handlebars tighter than before and I can promise you that you will want to take control of the peddles again. But please, throughout everything please just let Jesus drive your life and decisions. It’s going to be so much easier. There are 2 verses that I want you to remember  

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

For 20 years, people and things are going to come and go in your life. In 5 short years, you will have to move across the state. I know that you won’t realize it then but in your adult life this will mean something to you. You will think that the roots don’t have any bearing in your life, but they do, and please make sure that yours grow not only deep but wide, so that you cannot be moved when the storm rolls in.

You will have to say goodbye to the closest of family members due to tragedy and old age. None of those situations will be your fault, and no, you couldn’t have done anything to prevent them. Your morals will be challenged and your heart will be broken more times than you care to remember. The pain that you feel through your soul, at times, may feel like more than you ever care to feel. I promise you though, Jesus’ hope and salvation WILL be your guide in the end and it will make for an incredible testimony.

When you finally surrender your life to Him it’s going to open doors you never thought to imagine. Every amount of pain that you have experienced in your life will be made whole by the love of Christ and the incredible plans that God has for your life. 6-year-old self, I promise you that it will just be a matter of time and you will be on that proverbial big wheel again, only now you let Jesus take those peddles and allow Him to drive your direction and how fast we are going to get there. Don’t lose that. That drive to succeed, that passion for life, that crazy smile.

You may not ever understand all things that happen in your life, but there is someone out there greater than all that who does and knows exactly the direction that you are going. Trust.


Amanda Rosler is a bi-vocational pastor and wife. Amanda’s desire is to help those seeking after Jesus and living life to understand that this everyday life is really just a magnifying glass so that we can see the hand of God in all things. She blogs at Abiding Trust, helping others live in abiding trust in Him.


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  1. “You may not ever understand all things that happen in your life, but there is someone out there greater than all that who does and knows exactly the direction that you are going. Trust.”

    This is really powerful. Keep up the great work, Amanda!

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