There’s No Such Thing as Just a Mom

There's No Such Thing as Just a Mom

I’m a nurse. I’m an accountant. I work in real estate. Around the room, women introduced themselves to our new small group. A tender-hearted woman with dark, sincere eyes stated her name and added, “I’m just a mom.” Her gaze shifted to the floor as if she belonged on the bottom rung of whatever ladder these introductions created. I wanted to stop everything, draw her gaze upward, and proclaim her blessed among many. Just a mom? There’s no such thing.

We’ve come a long way in the last fifty years. Women can be astronauts, CEOs, even run for President. Female world changers travel the globe bringing relief to the poor and shedding light on injustice. Christian bookstore shelves are heavy with methods to achieving your goals. Conference speakers inspire us to reach up, grab our dreams, and do big things for God. I raised my voice about the same thing here. I still believe you can do anything God calls you to do. Girl power!

But what if you don’t feel called to big things?

What if you don’t aspire to a powerful position or want to change the world through magnanimous gestures?

If the only thing on your to-do list is to care for your children, it is more than enough. Maybe your only goal is to survive eight hours at work and the eight hours of loving on your family after work. It is a noble pursuit.

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There's No Such Thing as Just a Mom

There’s no such thing as just a mom.


You know you’re having a good mom day when you have to call Poison Control (no worries; she is OK). In the little years, we protect them from sharp edges and choking on hot dogs. As they get older, we protect their innocence and world view. The responsibility is overwhelming and holy.



Our bodies are made to provide, from nourishment to the healing kiss on a boo-boo. We meet physical needs, emotional needs, and spiritual needs. I think it’s safe to say we perceive their needs before anyone else. We fulfill a portion of our created purpose as we mother our children.



We clap and cheer when they roll over. We kneel down with open arms as they wobble on two feet for the first time. Celebrations continue from the sidelines, auditorium seats, and any other place our kids need a boost of confidence. There is no one else on earth who will cheer for your kid like you do.



Our children learn how to do life from us. We teach them how to scoop with a spoon, how to aim for the toilet, and how to apologize after an offense. Teaching our children how to be respectable, responsible human beings trumps any other endeavor we could aspire to.



The first time you hear your words come out of your toddler’s mouth, you realize how closely they follow behind you. Nothing grieves me more than to see my children model my shortcomings. Conversely, nothing reminds me of the importance of my influence than when they mirror my strengths. This keeps me humble with my eyes firmly fixed on Jesus.


This list could go on and on. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, or hybrid moms like me, you are not just a mom. Your influence on your children will change their life and has the potential to change the world.


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  1. Yes to all of this!!! I would add for myself, Teacher! I LOVED this, “Your influence on your children will change their life and has the potential to change the world!”

  2. Loving this! Such wisdom!

  3. The word “just” should be eliminated from our vocabulary. Period. I absolutely love the song Planting Trees by Andrew Peterson. He wrote this song for his wife and the value of being a mom. This link includes the back story.

    • I LOVE this song. I soak it in every time I hear it. Moms need to know what a difference they make. They need to hear it regularly. Thank you for sharing this song!

  4. “I’m just a mom.” Oh, that breaks my heart, too! There’s no such person as “Justamom”. My kids are adults now, and the longer I’m a mom, the more I cherish the role. I think when it’s an everyday thing, we take it for granted. But in every other role, someone can take our place: CEO, teacher, principal, nurse, builder, real estate agent, writer, speaker, etc. But not Mom. There’s only one Mom. It’s our most important role ever, no matter how old our kids are. They’ll always need our unconditional love.

  5. “we perceive their needs before anyone else” Yes, we do, and then we either help them or go to bat for them or teach them how to help themselves. It’s an awesome responsibility.
    Pretty much the vast majority of famous world leaders of the past and present were raised by a mom. I think that says a lot for our profession.

  6. I love this. Thanks for sharing! I know it will be an encouragement to anyone who considers themselves “just a mom”!

  7. Love this. Great encouragement. My favorite line! “The caring for and shaping of souls is the work of heroes.”

  8. A great reminder for all Moms. Our worth, value and importance in the small, everyday details. Thank you for your encouragement today!

  9. Beautiful reminder of the purpose of being a mom. Thank you for encouraging moms all over that being a mom is a huge deal.

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