A Keep it Simple Christmas

Simple Christmas

Earlier this week I posted my thoughts on slowing down this Christmas.  I know that I am not the only one out there who wants to turn the volume down a little and savor the quiet this year. I thought I would share a few of my favorite reads from the past week that encouraged a simple Christmas.

Christmas Love

How We Christmas is a whimsical and real look at ways we can keep the focus on loving God and loving people at Christmas.  My favorite idea on Shannon’s list is opening presents on Christmas Eve morning so that you can spend Christmas loving on people.  I tried floating that balloon at the dinner table one night this week; it didn’t fly.  But I am going to keep trying.

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room.  I love Amber’s thoughts on sharing Christmas with her children.  Drawing them in for holy time in scripture.  Sharing with them–and others–the Jesus that came to bring us life.

Keeping It Simple This Holiday Season.  Susan lists practical ways she and her family will create a simple Christmas this year.  I resonate with her desire for morning quiet.  Oh, how this has helped me keep my heart focused this season!

When You Need to Undecorate for Christmas.  The Nester offers beautiful examples of a simple Christmas in your home.  She suggests that, if you don’t feel like pulling it all out–don’t! I couldn’t agree more.

Finally, The Beauty of Unwrapping Christmas Everyday reminds us that keeping family traditions can be a conduit for sharing what we believe.  That is worth doing, even on the hard days.


I hope that this first week of Advent brought sweet memories as you set out your favorite nativity or hung your “Our First Christmas” ornament.  I hope little eyes twinkled as they gazed at the lights shining bright from the trees and houses.  Most of all, I hope a simple Christmas found it’s way into your heart as you search for the Messiah in the Scriptures and in your family celebrations.