Love Keeps a Record of Rights

gratitude in marriage

We recently had a long run of viruses in our home. All is good until Mama gets sick. I went down on a Monday about the same time the kids got home from school. I stayed in the bed until lunch the next day.

Mamas don’t often get a true sick day. We work our mama job through the coughing, sniffling, and fever. My husband kicked it into high gear for this one. He took care of dinner, baths, and homework. He got the kids off to school the next day and stayed home from work to take care of our toddler.

His act of service and love jerked me out of a pattern of negative thoughts toward my husband. Previously, I surrendered to only seeing the wrong he did. Not just noticing it, but actually keeping a record of wrongs. Each successive day of little offenses erected a wall of irritation in my heart. Though none of his actions were intended to hurt me, they left me feeling unloved and disrespected. Small irritations fed a growing bitterness.

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