Making Over My Kids’ Morning

making over my kids' morning

A guest post for Money Saving Mom.

At the onset of Crystal Paine’s Make Over Your Morning course, she said her love for morning routines began when she was a child. She has a “lifetime of early mornings,” adding up to an effective, purposeful life.

Once I completed the course, I went back to that statement: a lifetime of early mornings.

I have three kids at the beginning of the rest of their life. I decided to gift them with a lifetime of early mornings by walking them through Make Over Your Morning. My daughters are 11 and 8, old enough to understand the concepts and young enough to set up a pattern for life.

With the start of school right around the corner, I spent the last few weeks of summer making over my kids’ morning. (Read the rest of this guest post at Money Saving Mom.)

making over my kids' morning

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