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Men I Admire

Y’all. The debates. The campaigning. The analysis. I’m ready for November 9th—with the new President elected, we will have a bit of peace on the airwaves. That is, until January when he or she takes office. Then the arguing and debating will fire up again. Sigh.

I haven’t tuned into all of the radio talk shows and news programs this go-around. I love to dialogue with trusted people who follow the stories and listen to the pundits. I just don’t have the emotional or mental margin to take in all of the opinions.


pundit: (n) /ˈpʌn·dɪt/, a person who knows a lot about a particular subject, or someone who gives opinions in a way that sounds intelligent or wise (Cambridge Dictionary)


When you are tired of listening to the political pundits, I recommended tuning into these wise fellows.

(Sidenote: The fact that I highlight five men is not an indication of whom I support or don’t support, nor does it reflect my views on gender differences. It is simply following a predetermined #FridayFive writing prompt.)


Five Men I Admire


Jim Daly - Men I Admire

Jim Daly

As President of Focus on the Family, Jim Daly has an incredible reach. As a long-time listener of the FOTF broadcast, I am impressed with Daly’s leadership of an evangelical, conservative organization in the face of unprecedented social change. His willingness to come to the table with those who have differing opinions and meet culture with a biblical worldview inspires me.


favorite podcasts

Michael Hyatt

For all things leadership and entrepreneurial, I turn on Michael Hyatt’s podcast. He provides solid, trusted advice in an easy to follow format. My favorite episode is “How to Lead Transformational and Conversations.” The talking points work for business, Bible studies, and family discussions.


Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges pastors one of the largest, fastest-growing churches in America. Church of the Highlands just happens to be right down the road from me. While I don’t attend COTH, I do listen to their podcast and “attend” online if I am unable to join my own church family. His teaching is full of truth, life application, and a healthy dose of humor.


Steve McCarty

While I’m championing local pastors, I’ll put in a plug for my pastor. It is a privilege to sit under his teaching and leadership week after week. His sermon series are engaging and practical. Check out the latest here.


Jerry Bridges

Author Jerry Bridges helped formulate my spiritual life and practices. His books, The Pursuit of Holiness and The Practice of Godliness, provided a firm foundation as I started on my journey with Christ. His books are firmly grounded in God’s Word. (Not a big reader? Listen to a sermon here.)


There are a lot of “professional” opinions circulating right now. Election years seem to draw the pundits out. When you grow weary of Huffington Post op-eds and radio call-in shows, you now have a line-up of trusted dudes to enjoy!

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  1. I, too, am looking forward to the reduction of the amount of politics in the news. I wish everyone could just state clearly what their goals for office are and let us decide on that rather than trying to tear down their opponents.

  2. Yes!! Thank you for these! My husband and I are always listening to sermons and things while we cook, clean, etc. Finding new pastors and perspectives are always good! Pinned to reference back to tonight 🙂

  3. I don’t know the pastors but I LOVE the rest! Ryan actually has classes today and will be gone, so I will be cleaning and creating breathing room and will listen to some of your suggestions. THANK YOU for helping my day!

    And I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME in the wee hours of the night last night praying, Lord, help me to remember my trust is in You, not in the future president.”

    • Thank you for keeping up with current events. You are my “trusted people.” I appreciate your insight, wisdom, and patience with all of my questions!

  4. Good list, Kelly. (I came here from your comment on Catherine gabrielsen’s Five Minute Friday post.)

    I hope it’s OK that I added a link referring a man I do NOT admire – me. I failed, badly, and one of my beloved dogs paid the price. God has forgiven me, but it’ll be a long time until I forgive myself. A compound fracture of the soul just takes time to heal.


    • Your humility and honesty are quite admirable. Failure is a part of our DNA, BUT Christ. He makes us complete. He covers the cracks. Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. I loved the 2 Jerry Bridges books! I remember the Pursuit of Holiness being a huge turning point for me as a wife and young mom. Love this list #booktwin!

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