Midyear Goal Review and Revamp

Midyear Goal Review and Revamp

While July 1st is technically the middle of the year, the end of the school year and beginning of summer is well suited for a midyear checkup. How are all of those New Year’s resolutions coming along? I’ll wait here just a minute while you look for the paper you wrote your goals on so you can remember what they were. Found them? How is it going?

Most folks have stopped trying to attain goals set at the beginning of the year. We may be on the beach body kick after trying on swim suits, but goals to read more books, rest more hours, and write more letters receive about as much attention as that decluttering book we bought back in January.

I am right there with you. I haven’t forgotten my goals altogether. I still look at them at least once a month. But I do not have the drive to meet them like I did last year. I can pinpoint two reasons my goals are faltering.

I do not write out my weekly goals. Last year, I was meticulous about tracking my goals each week in my planner. Now I write down my monthly goals, but I do not map out a weekly action plan to meet those goals. By the fifth or sixth day of the month, I am overwhelmed and under-resourced. The list of things I want to accomplish is forgotten. I love to check things off a list, and without that list, I have less drive.

I waste too much time. If I were to do a time analysis, I know I would find I pick up my phone too much, log into Facebook way too much, and generally click my minutes away on social media. I love my online community. Love them so much! But I spend more time than I should in the virtual world, leaving me less time to pursue what is most important to me.


Midyear Goal Review and Revamp. You can do anything but not everything.


Here is a quick review of my own 2016 goals. My lack of progress should make you feel some solidarity.

Mid-Year Goal Review


  • Memorize 2 verses each month. (I memorized one verse per month so far.)
  • Prayer (I set some subgoals, none of which I have met.)



  • Intentional time with David weekly, date night monthly. (Since I’m not writing things down, I don’t have a clue if this goal is going well. Which tells me it probably isn’t.)
  • One annual getaway. (There’s still time!)



  • Facilitate the kids’ participation in household chores using 30 for $30 method (see Cleaning House by Kay Wyma for details.) (Yes! This one is still going strong! I added one responsibility each month for the first three months. Then I removed all verbal prompts in April. I plan to add new jobs in June because no school means more time!)



  • Read two books each month. (Oh, yeah! I will share my list one of these days.)
  • Finish reading Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford by January 31. Make decisions about unplugging in order to engage with my family. (I still haven’t finished the book. But I did some strategic unplugging off and on over the last five months.)
  • Publish at least 1 eBook. (I hope to finish the edits this month. I’ll keep you updated!)



  • Work towards seven hours of rest each night. (No. Still no. Eighteen months after I first set out to achieve seven hours of sleep, still no.)
  • Complete Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe study by February 28. Follow the Spirit’s leading regarding keeping Sabbath. (I haven’t met this goal, but I have Breath set out for summer study. I am engaging in Sabbath, or rather, unengaging to practice Sabbath most weeks.)
  • Complete Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free Academy by January 31. (Fourteen days, 500 things? I have completed about seven days, and I am over my 500 things. I hope to tackle the last seven days during June.)


Mid-Year Goal Revamp

Take an inventory of your goals from the first of the year. If you didn’t set any, the start of summer is an ideal time to jot down a few things you would like to accomplish by year’s end. If you want some help setting goals, check this out.

I am still attached to all of my goals. I still want to achieve all of these things. I don’t feel the need to add much. But my current strategy isn’t working. Here are a few things I will do differently to have better success the second half of the year.

  • I will write out action steps each week to achieve my goals.
  • I will set timers for social media time and log off when the timer dings.
  • I will set new timelines for unmet goals.

The last half of the year holds some amazing thing for us! It’s up to us to write down our dreams, set a few steps to get there each month, and then do it. Let me know what you hope to achieve this year and I’ll cheer you on!


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  1. I love how you took the time to sit down and reassess your goals. You’ve got me thinking it’s time to do the same. Congratulations on sticking to so many of your goals. Keep it up!

  2. So good to take time to evaluate where we are and how far we’ve come. Time slips by so quickly. Thanks for reminder to check up on myself and my goals.

  3. You’re so right about feeling solidarity, because I can relate to so much of this. Now you’ve inspired me to check in with my goals and see how I’m doing. I had great intentions at the beginning of the year but as you’ve said, the zeal to get them all done, just isn’t what it used to be. Here’s to finishing strong!

  4. I’ve been reviewing monthly, but a mid-year review is great for tracking progress

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