Most Popular Posts of 2017

Most Popular Posts 2017

We like to usher out every year with “year in review” lists. This year’s review holds some heart-breakers: the Las Vegas shooting, multiple hurricanes, and rising racial tension. We witnessed bravery as women stepped forward, naming names and sharing their #metoo stories. It wasn’t all bad news. We enjoyed a solar eclipse, a royal engagement, and a video of real mom-life going on behind a very serious dad.

This year held so much change for me—the kind that twists and reshapes you. After much prayer and discussion, I returned to work full time. This changed our home life as well as my writing life. I’m still a little out of sorts from the twisting, and I’m not sure how I feel about the reshaping yet.

With all of the changes in my life, I decided to take a step back from the hustle of writing in the pre-dawn and post-bedtime hours. I also have less time for social media (not necessarily a bad thing) and promotion. After years of trying to make writing my full-time job, letting that go required a grieving process. I am better now, more at peace about it. I write when I can and trust God to do with those words what he will.

It seems fitting that my decision to slow down starts us off on the look-back.

Most Popular Posts of 2017

Stuck between Your Calling and Your Life: What Now?

Stuck Between Your Calling and Life: Now What?

Our life is full of opportunities to try to fit it all in. But we can’t fit it all in. A decision must be made. When that decision involves your calling, it becomes harder to see the answer clearly. I walk through my decision to write less in this soul-baring post.


5 Ways to Help You Give God Your First 15 Minutes

5 Ways to Help Give God Your First 15 Minutes

No matter how important you are or how full your calendar is, giving God your first fifteen minutes can change your life. By committing your first thoughts to Him, you set the tone for your day—and your life. This post offers five tips to help you start your day off with God.


How I Traumatized My Children on Christmas Morning

How I Traumatized My Children on Christmas Morning

This story still makes us laugh! And the truth wrapped in it helped me experience Christmas differently this year. While the holidays are coming to an end, we know this: Coupled with the beauty is the underlying theme of sacrifice. Before you say goodbye to all things Christmas, revisit this post for a laugh and a moment of reflection.


Of Mess and Moxie, Jen Hatmaker

Life is  a Mess (But You’ve Got the Moxie to Handle It)

It’s tricky these days, bringing a Jen Hatmaker book to you, in light of the year she’s had in the Christian media. I do not line up with the Hatmakers on all the issues, but Of Mess and Moxie is not about those issues. It is about truth and grace, life and laughter. Of Mess and Moxie: Wrangling Delight Out of This Wild and Glorious Life brings an encouraging and empowering message for us messy women.



My Favorite Books of 2016

My Favorite Books of 2016

Obviously a 2016 end-of-the-year post, but it got most of the traffic in 2017. I try to keep track of all the books I read and recommend only the best to friends like you. The books on this list are still some of my favorites. They include Falling Free by Shannan Martin and The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. You may want to visit this list to get a few ideas for the coming year.


What’s Next?

I am still praying and processing my plans for 2018. I usually have a list of goals and objectives by the end of a year. Last year, I decided to write a manifesto instead. The direction my manifesto provided for this year of change was invaluable, but I feel the need for more purposeful planning in the coming year. Hopefully, I will write a little more in this space in the coming months!

I cannot thank you enough for clicking a link or checking in from time to time. While I would still write even if no one read my words, it helps to know someone is on the other side of the screen. I love hearing from you! Leave a comment or shoot me an email at mrsdiciple (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy New Year!


  1. I’m so thankful you are writing some, and I forwarded your top 5 books post to Several people! Continue to do what God leads you to, but know you are loved and appreciated So Much from this side of the screen!!

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