Mother’s Day Encouragement for All Kinds of Moms

Mother's Day Encouragement for All Kinds of Moms

Mothers come in all varieties. Moms of one, moms of mega-families, super mom, single mom, homeschooling mom, grieving mom, room mom, empty nest mom, mentoring mom, bio mom, adoptive mom, new mom, hoping to be mom, struggling being mom. Because we mothers are a varied bunch, our response to Mother’s Day can also be a buffet of emotions. Some embrace it as a day to celebrate their mothering accomplishments. Some grieve a loss. Still others are weighed down with guilt of what could or should be.

Because of the spectrum of emotions we experience on the second Sunday in May, writing something for Mother’s Day is tricky. I collected words from some of my favorite writers and blog posts to share with you. I hope something here speaks to your current stage of motherhood and encourages your mama heart.


Mother's Day

For the Mom with Empty Arms

To the Empty Arms On Mother’s Day, Kelly Nickerson

I know that you see Mother’s Day on the calendar and it stings. Whether it’s the loss of a child or of your own mother, this day can be very difficult for many reasons. While children are scouring the stores or the backyard for their latest Mother’s Day finds, your heart is aching. (Continue reading here.)


If Your Heart is Just a Little Broken This Mother’s Day, by Lauren Flake

I know deep down that it’s okay to let Mother’s Day be about myself and my relationship with my kids now. But every year, it feels as if a part of me is missing. (Continue reading here.)


Mother's Day

To the Stay at Home Mom

Dear Stay at Home Mom, by Trevin Wax

In your heart, you want to be the kind of mom who trains up kids to make a difference for the kingdom. You know it’s an honor to be entrusted with these kids. You know you’ve only got one shot. You want to be the mom who teaches them the Bible, models how to pray, and trains them up in the fear of the Lord.

But most of the time you feel like you’re barely holding it all together. (Continue reading here.)


Losing Myself, by Kelly Johnson

You are just a few weeks away from giving birth to your second daughter and you have decided to quit work. Work that you love! Never in a million years did you dream that YOU would be a stay at home, full-time mom.  Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine that you would give up your beloved career for a season to do the mommy thing exclusively.

This was a hard decision, but you are both clear this is the right choice right now for your family. Taking all the factors into consideration, this path makes the most sense. You are sure, but… (Continue reading here.)


Mother's Day

For the Working Mom

Dear Church, If There Was One Thing I Could Tell You About Working Moms, This Would Be It, by Lisa-Jo Baker

For years I wrestled with the tension of being a mom who also works. I’ve lived the guilt and the worry and the fear and the resentment that we couldn’t afford for me to stay home with my kids. But I’ve also been set free by a God who came to bring us freedom. A God who knows me and my story and who entrusted these children to me. (Continue reading here.)


What I Think God has to Say to Working Moms, by Liz Jones

Of course I don’t pretend to know what God thinks, but I do know what His Word says about His love for us and I feel compelled to share what I have felt Him saying to me…you see- God has been wooing me this year, in a way like never before- loving on me and speaking to me and encouraging me and He wants to do the same for you. I hope you will hear His heart for you as you read this:

My daughter,
I see you…
I see you at 5:30am when you are struggling to get out of bed and get your family ready for the day. (Continue reading here.)


Mother's Day

For Moms with Littles

Dear Mother (A little HuffPo self-promo, but this is my heart for new moms.)

Sometimes we lose ourselves somewhere between that first sighting of two pink lines and the car full of kids we now mother. The days of refereeing fights and scrubbing gum off the sofa seem to outnumber the days of harmonious zoo trips and picture-perfect picnics in the backyard. Our lists of responsibilities far outweigh the number of minutes in our day. (Continue reading here.)


Yes, I Have My Hands Full (and, no,  You Don’t Have to Remind Me), by Kayla Craig

The thing is, my hands are full. Really full. I often feel ill-equipped for the life God has given me. I’m tired. We spend a lot of time at home, because taking lots of littles anywhere is a huge feat in and of itself. And that can start to feel pretty lonely. Add the doubt and worry and fear that sneak into this mama’s heart, and I’m under no illusion that I don’t have my hands full. God has given me precious gifts and I’m just praying I raise and love them well. (Continue reading here.)


Mother's Day

For Moms with Bigs

Thoughts from the Empty Nest, by Kelly Johnson

A few weeks ago, I found myself with tears in my eyes at the grocery store because the milk I was placing in my cart had an expiration date of September 5th.  “They will both be gone on September 5th,” I thought to myself sorrowfully.  The milk’s expiration seemed to eerily coincide with the dissolution of my family-foolish, of course, but that’s how it felt in those last emotional weeks. (Continue reading here.)


Why Your Greatest Contribution Isn’t Someone You Raise, by Hannah Kallio

Your greatest contribution, by definition, can never be another person. Your kids owe so much of who they are to your love and nurturing, but they’re responsible for their own contribution, just as you’re responsible for yours. (Continue Reading here.)


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That’s my word to you, mother. Wherever you are in the motherhood journey, be encouraged. You are seen. You are valued. You are not alone. If you have a favorite mama post (yours or someone else’s), share it in the comments or link up using the button below. Take a few minutes to read through the other Mom-posts for more encouragment. Let’s all have the happiest of Mother’s Days!

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  3. WOW! What an incredible list of articles here. You covered such great material, and I am so grateful you offered this to us moms. I can’t wait to check them out. <3

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