My 100th Post!

Friday Fun

As an act of obedience to a call I felt on my life, I started this blog 7 short months ago. In that time, I (hope) I have grown as a writer and maybe encouraged or challenged some of you along the way.

This marks my 100th post!

In celebration of this, my 100th post, I want to share my top 5 favorite blog posts. If you are new, it will give you an idea of what MrsDisciple is all about. I do hope you come back and visit regularly. Community makes this journey more joyful.

My Favorite Blog Posts

I struggle with perfectionistic idealism and I long for community. Often these two stand in opposition to one another. This post was my way of letting go of the former in order to embrace the latter. 

grace vs works

When I was a brand new mom full of ideas and judgments, a friend had me over for coffee and conversation. A plate sat on the table with toddler leftovers. Crumbs were on the floor. A few dishes sat in the sink. I remember wondering why she didn’t sweep before I came over. And instantly feeling comforted that she had mess at her house like I had at mine. That was over a decade ago, but those crumbs are still blessing me.

I have been mulling over the blessing of crumbs on the floor. I have read a lot about wisdom, grace and legacy this week. I have a list of things that I keep trying to feel guilty and embarrassed about. I am choosing grace for myself instead. I am going to share my list with you–a sort of confession. Welcome to my ugly! (Read more…)

This one hurt to write, but it hurt even more to live. While it is one of my least favorite memories from parenthood, the lessons we learned are so important to share. If I could hand pick one of my posts to go viral, this would be the one. 

protecting your child on the internet

A few weeks ago, I discovered that one of my children took her curiosity to Google. There, she found more than she ever wanted to know. I was horrified and heart-broken.

Innocence lost with the click of a button. 

I learned a few things from our Google debacle. I learned the importance of protecting your child on the internet. I also learned about the importance of having The Talk with your kids and other parents.  (Read more…)

I love this one because it is written by my daughter. She drives me batty at times, but she is going to be an awesome grown-up one day. If we can get her there, by the grace of God!

making faith real for middle schoolers

The church is losing 5th graders. At a recent D6 Conference, Dannah Gresh said,“The theology they have as tweens is not thick enough to prepare them for the spiritual conversations that are going to happen in college.” This is backed up by Barna research, which reports that only 32% of tweens today have a relationship with Jesus Christ. When you consider Barna’s assertion that faith habits are fully formed by the 14th year, this low percentage of belief is alarming.

Especially for a mother of a 5th grader. That’s me.

I invited my daughter to write the first guest post for Mrs. Disciple. I asked her what parents and the church could do to improve the passing on of the faith to her generation. She had a few ideas to share. (Read more…)

It is hard to pick my favorite Portrait of a Godly Wife post. I love a good character study, especially when it’s a female Bible hero. This lesson made a life-and-death difference in my own marriage.

communicating need to your husband

Several years ago, a repeating scene played out at our home almost every week. My husband would ask if I minded if he played tennis. Being the godly, submissive wife, I almost always said yes. While he was away I would brew and stew about it. Didn’t he realize I needed time out? Didn’t he know that I needed him to be home to spend time with me and to help with the kids?

I spent a lot of years living the bitter life. I allowed bitterness to build while my husband did things he enjoyed.  He didn’t do these things against my wishes, but with my blessing. I thought I was supposed to say yes. I thought I should keep my needs quiet so that his needs could be met. (Read more…)

This one makes the top 5 list because I have to come back to read it very often myself. I struggle with the consistency of discipline. These principles are step-by-step enough that I am able to follow them, even in the heat of the moment. 

guiding your child's heart

One of my duties as a parent is to provide a night light for my child’s dark heart. That is an overwhelming responsibility. I really want to stop writing at this very moment and hit the “trash” button. I am struggling to live this truth out, to guide my children’s heart from darkness into light. Honestly, most days I feel like a complete failure.

The aim of discipline is not to force a change in behavior, but to encourage a heart change. Changed behavior is a costume, a facade. It does not last and is only skin deep. A changed heart is eternal. It brings your child into the Light.  hat Light becomes the Truth by which they live. (Read more…)

I hope that something in the last 99 posts has resonated with you. I pray that the highs and lows I share each week challenge or encourage you on your journey. Please, come back often to walk with me in the shadow of the cross.

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