No Longer and Not Yet

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Big transitions are often preceded by a period of waiting. It can be torturous. We can get frustrated with delays and speed bumps. If the next big thing would just hurry up and get here, we think, we could get on with life. We look up to the heavens and ask God, “How long must I wait?”

Three long months separate high school graduation and college orientation. Young adults in this season may work to earn extra money for school or kick back and enjoy their last summer at home. They are eager to leave the nest and soar. No longer seniors and not yet freshmen.

The months between an engagement and a wedding are filled with dreaming and planning. Dress fittings, registering for household goods, showers, and parties fill the calendar. The wedding day can’t arrive soon enough for the blushing bride. No longer single and not yet married.

Expectant mothers have nine months to prepare for the arrival of their little one. The slow growth of a mama’s belly marks the slow passage of time. Forty weeks is enough time to paint the nursery walls and assemble a crib. Still, the wait to hold the baby feel long. No longer childless and not yet a mother.

Adoptive parents may wait even longer. The period between the decision to adopt and the union of a forever family can span years. Political maneuvering and bureaucratic red tape often extend the process. During the wait, moms and dads pray for the child they cannot yet hold. No longer childless and not yet a family.

King David spent over a decade in the waiting room. Samuel anointed the shepherd boy when he was just a teenager. David spent years in the fields with the sheep and then on the run from Saul. David knew he would be the next king, yet he had to wait for Saul to die before taking the throne. No longer a shepherd and not yet the king.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head. As an early childhood educator I help children who struggle with transitions throughout their day as well as the ebbs and flows of life. As adults, we are still challenged by those interims in life. As David, we must look to the hills, our help cometh from the Lord.

  2. Beautiful descriptions of waiting times! Glad we’re neighbors on the #RaRaLinkup.

  3. Couldn’t figure out how to comment on the Glorious Table page! Sorry! But I loved this : ) Thank you for sharing, it was so timely for me! I always appreciate being pointed to the Word!

    • Thanks, Bethany! It’s an older post so I think they closed comments. Suzie’s prompt reminded me about this post, that point of faith when you can’t see what’s next. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think you got me with the first line – big transitions are accompanied by long waiting. I feel I’m in a period of waiting. So important to keep trusting God has everything in his hands.

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